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Did My Sexual Harassment Complaint Get Me Fired?

Sexual harassment on the job can make you feel uncomfortable and vulnerable. Putting in a complaint can result in termination in some cases. The good news is you are due compensation if it can be shown by a preponderance of the evidence that you were terminated to end a sexual harassment claim.

Document Everything and Make All Specifics Get Put in Writing

Document everything when it comes to putting in serious complaints like sexual harassment. The more you can have in writing, the better. It will become like gold if something happens and you are terminated in retaliation.

Gather Names of Any Witnesses

Did anyone witness the harassment? Make sure you get all names and dates down on paper. Never feel you’ll be able to remember. Time has a way of making memories murky and incorrect. Also note whether anyone else has mentioned similar problems with the same individual, or others.

Previous Work Record Before Complaint

Have you been terminated for reasons that have never been brought forward before? A clean work record with no write-up is a nice record to have and shows there may be some bias in your termination. It might be called a coincidence, but is it really? An employer cannot terminate you to avoid the hassles and problems associated with a harassment claim.

Consult with an Experienced Attorney if You Feel You Were Terminated Due to a Sexual Harassment Complaint

Consult with the wrongful termination attorney Orlando FL workers trust to get the legal advice necessary to make the right decisions. You need to find out if your case holds any merit and are due compensation for the loss of your job.

Find out more about wrongful termination laws and whether you have been injured financially by an employer. Start the process quickly towards getting the compensation you deserve.

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