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The Full Cup Bra

Those of us with an ample chest might be looking for a bra with better coverage. Do you have trouble finding a bra that meets your supporting needs? If you’ve never tried a full cup bra, then now might the time to give one a whirl – you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Full cup bras are a steadfast part of the bra family but don’t think dour and old-fashioned – they come in all manner of colours, styles and materials!

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If you’re looking for comfort and full support, then here are some reasons why you need a full cup bra:

  • A full cup bra describes a bra that fully covers the breast. They are perfect for ladies with large breasts who would benefit from extra support and good shaping.
  • They are also a great option for anyone looking for a more conservative style rather than the plunging, lacy styles that fill most of the lingerie departments these days. Although the full cup does come in many varieties, including sexy, lacy and cleavage creating.
  • The perfect choice for all-day comfort and busy women who are always on the go. A great choice is the WHITE PRIMA DONNA DEAUVILLE BRA at worchidlingerie.co.uk

Who are they for?

  • Women with bigger breasts or full breasts
  • Those looking for additional support and shaping
  • Women who want a touch of stylish modesty
  • Women who have problems with spilling over skimpier designs
  • Ladies wanting all-day comfort
  • After breastfeeding when mums feel need help with regaining firmness
  • Any woman worried about sagging
  • Petite sizes who might need a small band but still have large breasts

Who won’t benefit?

  • Ladies with a smaller bust
  • Women with especially firm breasts
  • Those who are more comfortable with a bra that provides less coverage

There is no reason why ladies with smaller breasts cannot wear a full cup bra, but they might find they feel restrictive or uncomfortable.

When can you wear a full cup bra?

  • Under eveningwear
  • During pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • For every day purposes
  • For the bedroom
  • Under professional work clothes
  • Under t-shirts
  • For housework
  • Going on a date

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Full cup bras provide a great seamless look under tight tops but don’t go well with especially low-cut tops for obvious reasons. They come in a wide variety of styles and materials such as:

  • T-Shirt Style – these are great for high neck tops as the seam doesn’t show
  • Seamed – they do come in a seamed variety as well. These are normally made from lace and offer a different shape to a t-shirt bra. Perfect for a sexier feel if that’s what you’re seeking.
  • Minimising – covering the entire breast and keeping it compressed against the body for a minimising, slimming appearance for those who want to reduce the look of their breasts.
  • Sports – during exercise, it’s important our breasts are supported to avoid injury and discomfort. Sports bras are normally full coverage bras, so they can fully cup the breast and hold in place during physical activity.
  • Wireless – if you dislike wired bras then you can get full cup with a wire free design.

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