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Natural home Remedies Yeast infection

Although oral treatments are a great help, diet can also play an important role in preventing or eliminating infections. We share natural home Remedies yeast infection.

Experts say that all women have suffered or will have one or more Yeast infection in their lifetime. There are, however, effective ways to prevent this Yeast infection, although sometimes, there is nothing to do to prevent their occurrence. In fact, women are increasingly exposed to many daily activities, both at work and at home, and all of these activities sometimes prevent them from taking care of themselves and taking preventive measures.

To prevent the Yeast infection, it is particularly important to follow a proper diet and have a perfect personal hygiene! On the other hand, a stressed and tired body is less resistant to microorganisms that cause many diseases.

The most common Yeast infection

The most common infections are vulvovaginitis caused by yeasts of the genus Candida, bacterial vaginosis caused by Gardnerella, and trichomoniasis, sexually transmitted.

What are the causes?Yeast infection

At the level of the genital area, certain microorganisms normally coexist, which are not dangerous for our body. But in some cases, this usual balance is altered, thus producing a Yeast infection, which can also be caused by sexual contact (trichomoniasis).

But what are the situations that can alter this usual balance? We find hormonal changes, pregnancy, menopause, diabetes or prolonged use of antibiotics.

The different symptoms

Tingling at the level of the vaginal area

Abundant vaginal discharge and bad odor

Redness at the vulva

Inflammation of vaginal lips

Pain and burning during urination

Genoa during sex

Yeast infection must be properly treated. Women often do not consult their doctor for fear or shame, but a simple discomfort can turn into a real problem without proper treatment. Always consult your doctor before starting a natural treatment to make sure the problem is benign. Keep reading- 10 home remedy for gastritis attack

Natural remedies home Remedies Yeast infectionYeast infection

Plants with antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties, which help strengthen the body’s immune system, are particularly indicated:

The boldo: very useful against infections caused by fungi, because it has anti-fungal properties. Just take boldo- based baths.

Concern: It can be used to prevent or treat Yeast infection because it has antibiotic and anti-fungal properties. Pour some marigold into boiling water, let cool and pour the mixture over the affected area.

Chamomile: You can also take baths with an infusion of chamomile.

Other natural solutionsYeast infection

Garlic: an excellent antibacterial with anti-fungal properties. It is enough to reduce a garlic clove to a pulp until obtaining a kind of paste and to apply it for external use.

Tea Tree Oil: You can pour a few drops of this oil into a bath because it has anti-bacterial properties.

Apple vinegar: it helps to rebalance the pH. Just pour 3 tablespoons of cider vinegar into a glass of water, and drink three times a day.

Natural yogurt: you can eat it to avoid the Yeast infection, but if you already suffer, just put a little yogurt directly on the affected area.

foodYeast infection

Diet plays a vital role against Yeast infection because there are certain foods that can prevent or eliminate infections. Others also help strengthen the immune system, allowing you to fight against any microorganism by preventing its development.

You must eat foods that contain:

iron: in clams, legumes and green vegetables.

zinc: in lamb, oysters, wheat germ, pumpkin, and peanuts.

Vitamin B: in the liver, milk, eggs, and fish.

Which foods should you avoid? The alcohol, the tobacco, drugs, bread, preservatives, and colorants, yeast and sugar.

General recommendations

It is essential to maintain an impeccable personal hygiene, with neutral pH soaps that are not aggressive for vaginal flora.

Avoid tight trousers and undergarments made of synthetic material, as this intimate area needs good ventilation. If there is a lot of moisture, microorganisms multiply more easily.

If you use pantiliners daily, it is necessary to change them at least 4 times a day. Same for towels and tampons during menstruation.

Wash your underwear with a neutral soap.

When you go to the bathroom, wipe back and forth to prevent bacteria that are usually in the anal area from reaching the vagina, causing infections.

Relax! Stress and anxiety diminish our defenses, making us weaker in the face of aggression and disease.

Use cotton underwear that absorbs the body’s natural moisture.

Even if it seems paradoxical, you should not overuse and clean this intimate area too much, even with suitable soaps. Cleaning the area once a day is enough; you can then use only water.

The vagina has a very effective self-cleaning mechanism: only clean the outer part of the area!

The use of condoms prevents sexually transmitted infections.

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