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When Speeding is Declared Reckless Driving

Most people think that being pulled over for speeding always involves getting a ticket or warning from the cop and the day moves along. Depending on the circumstance and speed you’re going, it can bring about charges that lead to your arrest.

The Threshhold of Excessive Speed that Qualifies as Reckless

In most areas, being clocked going at least 20 miles per hour over the posted speed limit qualifies as reckless driving. Unless you are purposefully speeding, most speeds exceeding 20 mph over are due to being unaware the speed limit has changed.

When Cops Won’t Look the Other Way

It’s possible to hit those types of speeds and the cops not charge you with reckless driving. A few situations will make it impossible for them to look the other way. Speeding through a school or work zone will most likely get you charged. Doing other unsafe activities like texting or quick lane changes will force the hand of the police.

You Can Go to Jail for Reckless Driving

Reckless driving charges means being placed under arrest and having your vehicle impounded at the time. It can bring a serious amount of jail time upon being sentenced by a judge. Reckless driving charges are no joke and should be terated as seriously as a DUI charge.

Get Legal Representation Right Away

It’s important to hire a quality and experienced Fairfax reckless driving lawyer as soon as possible. A charge and conviction of reckless driving can stick with you for years. It can keep you from gettng good jobs and places your license and freedom in jeopardy.

Begin seeking legal advice right away if you’ve been charged with reckless driving. Mounting a strong defense will help you get the best deals possible to lessen the impact on your life.

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