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6 superfoods that you have left aside and that are great

Black chocolate or tomato are super-foods well studied. We then propose a series of products and we confront them with the best known

There are foods with a great nutritional potential that must be taken into account. Many of them already exist, in fact, in our diet. Which ones should be bought then, the most extravagant or the most traditional? The accessibility of the same in the market is a good reason to opt for them instead of other more exotic products on which perhaps there is so much scientific evidence.Before entering the world of superfoods, it is necessary to define their context: they are not miracle products, but they do provide more benefits than other alternatives. The concept of a superfood is not a definition that comes neither from the scientific world, but from marketing. The purpose of superfoods is not, ultimately, weight loss, but its purpose is to improve our health.

Sardines contain the same amount of omega-3 as salmon, are a more sustainable choice and have less mercury

The list of these products varies from time to time. We present below six fantastic foods that come into the catalog, as well as their comparison with some of the most popular superfoods.

1.Kiwi instead of oranges

6 superfoods that you have left aside and that are great
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According to the European Food Safety Authority, the daily recommended amount of vitamin C is 90 milligrams for men and 80 milligrams for women. With a kiwi, we have almost complied with the recommended intake. One of these fruits already has 70 milligrams of this substance, surpassed only by the guavas and the currants.

Vitamin C improves eyesight; Reduces the risk of tumors; Reduces hypertension and prevents cardiovascular diseases and colds. For our external appearance, vitamin C serves to give us a more youthful appearance making wrinkles less obvious.

Another essential component of kiwi is potassium. If you like bananas, kiwis have 20% more. This element is essential to avoid fatigue or muscle cramps.

Does that sound small? That you know then that kiwifruit are the only fruits that also contain vitamin E, a substance that brings important benefits to the body as antioxidant properties, ability to regulate cholesterol levels and even to prevent Parkinson’s or dementia. By having a high percentage of water, kiwi also allows us to lose weight when we feel more satiated with their intake.

2.Mushrooms instead of broccoli

6 superfoods that you have l
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Like all plants in the family of brasicaceas, the antioxidant properties of broccoli are known. However, this vegetable causes a very annoying abdominal swelling in a few people. Solution: Replace with mushrooms.

Pumpkin Pots are much cheaper than dark chocolate and have fewer fats and calories.

Recent research has shown that mushrooms are rich in substances that can help prevent cancer. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have also discovered that the common mushroom has a very high content of antioxidants, practically the same level as green beans.

According to another study carried out jointly by the same institution and the University of Arizona ensures that eating this product also stimulates the development of defenses in the immune system.

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3.Sardines instead of salmon

6 superfoods that you have l
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Salmon is rich in omega-3 acids that regulate the level of cholesterol and triglycerides and directly benefit the functioning of our heart and brain. Cheaper, sardines contain the same amount of this compound, are a more sustainable choice and have less mercury.

Sardines are a source rich in vitamin D, key nutrient that we do not usually take in the recommended amounts. Vitamin D improves our mood, reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer, helps our immune system and serves to fight against aging.

4.Pumpkin seeds instead of dark chocolate

6 superfoods that you have l
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Black chocolate improves mood, but a number of fats and calories you get with your consumption may worry some. If this is your case, try a handful of pumpkin seeds.

Like chocolate, they are a wonderful source of tryptophan, which stimulates the production of serotonin, the famous neurotransmitter of well-being and serenity. 60 grams of pumpkin seeds provides the recommended daily amount of magnesium our body needs. Important this substance for the immune system and to strengthen the density of our bones.

Very famous are also the pipes for its benefits to protect the prostate and bladder, besides being a good stimulant of the pancreas, which makes them especially recommended for people with diabetes.

5.Watermelon instead of tomatoes

6 superfoods that you have l
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Tomatoes are rich in lycopene’s, a pigment that can reduce the risk of heart disease. For women, this element prevents ovarian and cervical cancer. A single slice of watermelon contains more than twice the amount of lycopene (7.8 milligrams) than a fresh tomato.

Watermelon also has a significant amount of vitamin A that helps the formation and maintenance of healthy teeth and bones, plays an important role in the development of good vision, is necessary for growth, helps to form nervous tissues and avoids Infections of the respiratory system.

Due to its high fiber content, watermelon is perfect for those suffering from constipation problems and helps eliminate toxic elements from our body.

6.Chard instead of spinach

6 superfoods that you have l
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In salads, cooked, stuffed in ravioli … are you sick of spinach? Replace with chard. A Tufts University study has found a strong association between vitamin B-rich foods such as Swiss chard and prevention in impairment of cognitive abilities over the years.

Chard is also a good source of folic acid, so they are highly recommended for women in the pregnancy and lactation stages.

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