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Fashion autumn-winter 2018-19: the 10 seasonal trends

Each change of season we ask ourselves, what will be the new trends that will take the most? What will be the new items of the moment that will enter our closet?

In the fashion seasonal trends of this fall winter 2018-2019, we find many proposals that confirm the trends that we have already taken this summer and some interesting news.

The proposals are many but definitely, for the next season, we are left with these 10 fashion trends for O / I 18-19.

The Fashion of Autumn Winter 2018-19 in 10 seasonal trends:

1.NEON COLORSseasonal trends

The 80s and 90s are still very fashionable and wearing clothes and accessories in neon or phosphorescent colors is a direct reference to the colorful and extravagant style of these years.

Dressed in technical fabrics, coats of hair, slippers and even the stockings are very vibrant colors. The fashion of the fluorine tones could be associated with the sporty style but in reality, the neon colors take over all kinds of garments, even the most classic ones. It is one of the seasonal trends in 2018-19. Keep reading romantic style clothing.

2. ANIMAL PRINTseasonal trends

Tendance already this summer and will remain one of the most trendy prints also for this autumn winter 2018-19.

The print of tiger, snake, and zebra is a classic that for the Sauvage spirit of this winter is reinvented in new silhouettes and in powerful total looks. Animal prints are mixed and juxtaposed in the same look, reinventing their essence using new colors or combined with other prints for very creative results. It is one of the best seasonal trends in 2018-19.

3. YEARS 80seasonal trends

We already talked about the 80s in relation to neon colors. But the elements of this era that are worn are many more.

In fact, the 80s are generally fashionable in practically all their aesthetic aspects. 2018-19.

It is fashionable to have a silhouette with a padded shoulder strap and a very marked waist , the wash effect denim worn in those years, the high waist trousers , the 80’s inspired athleisure style , the zippers, the colored socks and the fashion of To show the great logos of the brands we are wearing. Visit this content for modern russian clothing.

4.TARTAN REMIXseasonal trends

The British-inspired pattern print is still a seasonal one, the novelty is how we will wear this OI18.

The Prince of Wales is a classic and the Scottish paintings are an iconic icon of punk but in the trends of 2018, everything is mixed.   The tartan this winter takes combining a checkered garment with another one of colored pictures and different design, the result is the most trendy.

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5.FOULARDseasonal trends

This OI 18-19 will literally be a fever scarf season. But the fashionable scarf is not worn around the neck. This classic accessory is reinvented and takes on a new place in our wardrobe. From complement to a garment made from a compliment.

Dresses, blouses, skirts and even trousers and raincoats, the silk scarf seizes the most trendy garments of the season.

6. WINTER FLOWERSseasonal trends

Flowers also in winter, in long dresses very folk, the mini dress of silhouette orchestras, American dress (one of the clothes more it of the season) and coats that protect us from the cold with much joy and color.

7. ATHLEISUREseasonal trends

We continue with the fashion of wearing clothes taken from the sports world or inspired by it, for street looks.

The chandal in the technical fabric is undoubtedly one of the must-have of the seasons. And also that with sneakers, is worn with heels, sandals, and booties. Because the athleisure never gives up its glam facet.

T-shirts and dresses in technical fabrics, sweatshirts. And quilted coats complement the trend that invites us to the free mix. And also match of sports-inspired garments with a marked retro look for very trendy vintage sports looks.

8. FOLKseasonal trends

A trend halfway between the most authentic folk revival and sustainability in which ponchos, capes, fringes, cowboy and perfect boots, patchwork. And leather offers us seventy-seventh inspiration looks that speak of craftsmanship and connection with nature.

9. OVERSIZEseasonal trends

This fall-winter 2018-19, the coats, pants, jerseys, and trendy outfits are oversized.

The boyfriend style is taken to the limits and to further increase the oversize effect one even plays with layer superimpositions carrying one coat on top of the other. With the feathers, the oversize trend is taken to its maximum expression for a winter in which it will be impossible to go cold. It is one of the seasonal trends in 2018-19.

10. SHINYseasonal trends

Futuristic silver garments in high tech fabrics shine together to glamorous endless paillettes for the shining trend of the season.

A silver or metallic accessory will be essential to give the trendy touch to our looks. To make them more wearable garments we combine it with neutral tones and get the touch to the last. While the evening dresses of paillettes will be the most glam option for party looks.

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