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12 new types of Digital Marketing

The evolution of the different types of digital marketing over the last decades has been accelerated by the irruption of technology, of digital. Our idea of ​​a company, of management, of relations with our public, internal and external, changes as the environment of action that surrounds us evolves. The speed in which everything happens changes the way we make decisions, based on the data we can obtain, the marketing models, the obsession with short-term ROI, the innovation of the devices we use, the storage capacity of information and the difficulty of generating value in an environment of little differentiation of products and services.

We have moved from product marketing, marketing 1.0, or unidirectional, to marketing 2.0, relational, bidirectional or user-centered, consumer, the customer. Finally, the type of marketing called 3.0 within a globalized world, in contact, where the user commands in the relationship, the acquisition through storytelling, content management to attract him, obtain SEO … a new environment in which the Marketing changes, evolves and transforms.

List types of digital marketing

The new “typologies” of digital marketing that we can see in this transition to another stage probably better. Without entering into the strategies of each one of them, could be:

Inbound Marketingtypes of Digital Marketing

Probably the most “general” and specific at the same time of the new conception of marketing, in which the user is accompanied in all the transaction he has with us , towards our product, from “we know him” until his loyalty going through all the phases of the conversion funnel: Attraction, (which this type of marketing contemplates through payment or content management), use of analytics and tools that help us understand that user, lead capture (and strategy nurturing ), your conversion to sales and subsequent treatment to increase your average basket, your purchase volume.

Content marketingtypes of Digital Marketing

Where to compete in the world of search engines to capture organic traffic, SEO positioning and love the customer. We have different variants in its application, such as branded content or the generation of content by a brand to be published outside my media, and get earned media. In this type of marketing, the emphasis is placed on the conversational relationship that is generated a posteriori, and new figures appear as the content curator. It is one of the best types of Digital Marketing.

Search engine marketing

Fundamental in any marketing strategy since before we started to make our website. A strategy that encompasses the entire digital strategy to be well-positioned in the search results. And thus captures as much potential traffic as possible.

Permission Marketingtypes of Digital Marketing

The relationship that I can maintain with users based on the “permissions” they give me. The legal framework of this type of marketing will change this year for the new GDPR that will enter into force this May.

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Email Marketingtypes of Digital Marketing

User relationship strategy based on emails. The type of mails that we will send to the user based on our relationship with him during the time, inputs received, clicks … That order: welcome, products, offers, can be combined with the information we want and can give. And also, the metrics obtained, from the number of emails sent. Those that are erroneous, the openings of the mail, and the clicks in the creativity or HTML.

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Marketing Automation

Tools, technologies that put at our service a relationship with the user based on the data we have of him such as mail, telephone, his contact in social networks, etc … We can combine our communication with him according to previous responses, purchases, products visited or acquired …

Affiliate Marketingtypes of Digital Marketing

Portals that “join” a company that through its technology and commercial team “sell” my inventory based on performance, to clear objectives that the advertiser seeks, such as the achievement of leads or sales, and ultimately, also clicks or traffic to your own website. This one is one of the best types of Digital Marketing.

Mobile marketing

Fundamental to understand it in a world in which geolocation is basic for many services. In addition to the correct management of the apps. The instant relationship with the client, the infinite possibilities in communication. And the advertising opportunities from the banner. Such as the “ click to the calendar, to the app store, to maps ”…

Influencer Marketingtypes of Digital Marketing

As part of social media management. The search for characters related to my brand that generate a lot of content to an immense volume of followers, obtaining virtualization, reach, engagement with audiences who are attracted to these “influencers”. Instagram is the leading platform used for this type of marketing because it is visual in nature, The more aesthetic the content will be, the more engagement it will spark. If you want to learn more about Instagram marketing, try to seek expert’s advice regarding this.

Internal marketing

Type of critical marketing to have, in a digital way, “controlled” my three audiences. The B2B, B2C, and the B2E, or business to an employee. Document management systems, intranets, talent management and recruitment, training …

Retail digital marketingtypes of Digital Marketing

Based on the analytics that I can capture in the physical store, through tools such as Wi-Fi or video analytics, or the combination of the customer journey on the web and store by capturing a record, or the possibility of displaying one or other advertisement through digital signage based on historical data or obtained at the same time.

Blended Marketing

Or the result of combining the traditional with the digital, the combination of both. The measurement of what happens on the web when I take action off.

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