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25 awesome ideas to recycle old jeans

Are you looking for ideas to recycle old jeans? Attention! In Inspira Hogar, we have selected the best ideas we have found so you can be inspired and make your own crafts by recycling old jeans. Like the jean purse, woven denim, duffle bag, tote bag, denim napkins, baby bibs, etc. Let us begin!

25 ways to recycle old jeans

1. Wall organizer with recycled old jeansrecycle old jeans

The first of the projects with recycled old jeans that we present is a planner organizer that my mother-in-law, Pepi, made for me to hang in the office. She was inspired by some photos she found on Pinterest.

As you can see, has its aesthetic function to be very nice hanging on the wall, but not only that, it also has a very practical function that allows us to store all kinds of small objects. I have it in the office, but you can use it to store material that does not take up much space.

2. Covers for tablets and mobilesrecycle old jeans

Another idea to recycle jeans is to make covers of tablets and mobiles with the fabric. You will only need the denim clothes and the size of the tablet or mobile phone to make the pattern of the bag. It is a simple design, which you can decorate with patterned fabrics and lace.

3. Three in a rowrecycle old jeans

Do you want to organize a match three in a row with a different design than usual? Very easy! Turn your recycled old jeans into small cushions with the symbol of the X or the circle. You can choose between two old jeans of lighter and darker tones to differentiate the cushions between both symbols.

4. Apronrecycle old jeans

A very fun idea to recycle a denim bib is to turn it into an apron. We can add a strip of printed clothes in the area of the slats to give it some style and glamor. It will help us avoid getting dirty in an original and different way.

5. Control organizer for the sofarecycle old jeans

The organizers to control the TV are very useful to not have them scattered throughout the house, this way we have them all together and we find them fast. A good way to recycle old jeans is by inviting them to one of these organizers. You can use a pair of jeans for this.

6. Recycle suitcase-shaped jeansrecycle old jeans

Within the options of crafts to recycle jeans, we find this bag made from old jeans. It is a very comfortable and useful idea that will make your jeans have a new utility.

7. Garlands of heartsrecycle old jeans

If you have used some recycled old jeans to make large projects such as jeans bags or organizers planks and you have jeans remnants that you do not know how to take advantage of, a good idea is to use them to make heart-shaped quilted garlands. They are easy to make and very pretty.

You can add to your wreaths small details such as buttons, bows or lace to give a unique touch.

Instead of hearts, you can also make garlands with a star shape or whatever you want.

Another example of garlands made when recycling used jeans is this Christmas angel. You only need a wooden ball as a head, a few stars and little else to get this beautiful decoration.

8. How to recycle jeans as basketsrecycle old jeans

If you’re wondering how to recycle jeans, you have to know that there are ideas for the most useful for the home, such as these baskets of different sizes, ideal for dirty laundry or to store small things. You just have to line good size circular containers with recycled old jeans.

9. Recycled old jeans bagsrecycle old jeans

The bags of recycled blue jeans are super popular and easy to do. There are hundreds of designs, and one of the good things about these bags is that you can customize them according to your tastes and needs. It is best to add colorful touches like patterned fabrics, they are beautiful!

10. Jean pocket for mobile chargerrecycle old jeans

Another perfect craft to recycle used jeans is to turn the pockets into comfortable baskets that you can use, for example, to charge the phones comfortably, as in the photo. You will no longer have to leave the phone in the dream or look for a long cable to leave the phone on top of a piece of furniture, with this idea these problems are solved.

11. Ideas for recycling jeans: Denim fabric organizers

Within the ideas to recycle jeans, we have the organizers with denim fabric. These organizers are made with part of the leg of a pair of jeans, placing on the top a printed fabric to decorate it. Recycled blue jean good for this.

12. Notebooks lined with recycled old jeansrecycle old jeans

If you are wondering how to recycle used jeans, you should also consider this proposal, it is about covering, with denim, a notebook. You can also use the same idea to cover books so that the covers do not get dirty while we read. Recycled blue jean is very useful to make notebook lined. You can also make DIY denim using old jeans.

13. Recycling jeans to upholster armchair with scrapsrecycle old jeans

If you are looking for ideas for recycling jeans that are more complex, you will surely love this one. It is an upholstered armchair with scraps of old jeans. The grace in this upholstery is that the remnants are of different types: older, newer, lighter, darker … The different textures give it a very chic style.

14. Tablecloth to eatrecycle old jeans

There’s nothing we like less than messing up the table while we eat, so these denim cloth placemats are very original and fun. In addition, you can add a pocket to place the cutlery inside.

In this photo, we can see how well the pocket of the jeans is to put the cutlery inside.

15. Puff with scrapsrecycle old jeans

If before we talked about the armchairs made with used jeans, now we give way to the puffs made with scraps. In this case, it is a square puff quilted.

There is also this option, in which the puff is mullite and perfect to be a good time sitting and resting.

16. Recycling jeans for carpets made with pocketsrecycle old jeans

A good idea to recycle jeans is to reuse all pockets to make a carpet of the most stylish, like the one you can see in the photo. It is ideal to get a space to have a flirtatious and personalized component.

17. Magazine rack

Do you want to get a different and original magazine rack for your home? You can do it as a craft to recycle pants. In addition to the denim fabric, you will also need the structure made with tubes, like the one you can see in the photograph.

18. Cushions with recycled old jeansrecycle old jeans

Among the ideas for recycling old jeans, turning them into cushion covers is the most common. As you can see in this image, the idea is to get different types of jeans to create contrasts, putting pockets here and there.

Another option for recycling old jeans in the form of cushions is to use the same denim fabric to make the cover and then a denim fabric more clarity and/or darker to create drawings on its surface, like these hearts.

19. Crafts: ideas to recycle jeans in curtainsrecycle old jeans

When we talk about crafts and ideas to recite cowboys, the truth is that there are so many possibilities that everything depends on the imagination that each one has. In this case, we can see a different example in this curtain made of scraps of denim fabric.

20. Hanging organizer table with jeansrecycle old jeans

This organizing board is similar to the one we saw at the beginning, however, this design is also ideal to store in the closet thanks to the built-in hanger. It can be a good place to store jewelry or small objects such as buttons or threads. You decide to save in your organizer made with recycled old jeans.

21. Scraps of recycled old jeans for hammockrecycle old jeans

From a few scraps of recycled denim fabric you can knit your own fabric for a hammock, as you see in the photo the result is the most original and will be great in your garden or terrace.

22. Lyrics for keychainsrecycle old jeans

What can we do with those pieces of denim that we have left after having done some craft like denim tote or recycled denim? Well, a good idea is to turn the pieces of cloth into letters that, in turn, we can turn into a keychain.

23. Bag for water bottlesrecycle old jeans

A good idea of crafts to recycle jeans is to make bags for bottles of water, with details such as buttons and lace. They are perfect to walk with your bottle of water without having to carry a complete backpack.

24. Cushion for the needles

You do not know what to do with the cuffs of a recycled jean shirt? A good idea is to cushion and close them to turn them into a fun cushion to stick the needles, as you can see in the photo.

25. Soft toy to recycle denim jeansrecycle old jeans

What is beautiful this stuffed animal with denim clothes? Well if you want to recycle your used jeans for an original and different form, you can follow the pattern of a stuffed animal and adapt it as is the case of the turtle in the photo, where the shell is made with a pocket.

You can also make DIY denim, baby bibs, recycled denim, denim jeans etc with old blue jean.

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