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Makeup: the autumn trends 2018-2019

Adopt the make-up autumn trends of the season by taking inspiration from our selection of photos and following our tips and tricks.

Eye makeup: colorful liner and metallic shadesautumn trends

This autumn-winter marks the return of the colored liner. Metallic blue, lagoon, flashy green or even two-tone he sophisticates the face and brings pep to the eyes. Side eyeshadow, impossible to miss the metal trend that comes in burgundy, purple, green and plum. In smoky or a halo, these intense shades give a touch of glamor to the eyes. Autumn trends

Lip makeup: raspberry, plum or nude mouthautumn trends

The raspberry and plum shades are real must-haves this season. Beautiful on a clear skin as on a tanned skin, they are at once chic and luminous. If you choose to focus on the make-up of the eyes, make up your lips in a pink nude tone subtly enhanced by a touch of gloss. If you prefer to leave your eyelids naked, adopt the trend of ultra-dark and dull lips to create a chic Gothic effect.

The makeup of the complexion: nude effect and bright finishautumn trends

This autumn-winter, the complexion is unified with light and luminous materials. Our advice: stay quite discreet on the side of blush and bronzing powder to emphasize the illuminator. Deposited on the bulging areas of the face, it brings a lot of freshness to the complexion. Finally, the eyebrows are both well defined and very natural to structure the face and give more intensity to the eyes.

autumn trends of makeup 2018 2019

Raspberry lipsautumn trends

Very pretty on a clear skin as on a tanned skin, this elegant shade gives pep to the face. This is one of the autumn trends.

The pastel lookautumn trends

Easy to make, this two-tone pastel makeup is particularly well worth the light skins.

The dark mouthautumn trends

Dark lipsticks are out this fall-winter. Wear preferably with a nude look and well-defined eyebrows.

The nude lookautumn trends

A unified complexion, rosy lips, a light pencil line to the upper lashes and well-supplied eyebrows … that’s the perfect nude makeup for fall-winter. This is one of the autumn trends.

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The purple “cut crease”autumn trends

Beautiful on blue or green eyes, this intense purple makeup is ideal for an evening.

The chic Gothic makeupautumn trends

Dare the total dark look by combining a brown smoky eye with matte dark brown lips.

The metallic eyelinerautumn trends

Very sophisticated, metallic blue eyeliner is ideal to extend the look by bringing a touch of color. This is one of the autumn trends.

The glossy mouthautumn trends

Add a touch of gloss to a pink lipstick to give a nice curve to the mouth.

The coppery lookautumn trends

In smoky or halo, the coppery shades are ideal to sublimate the look in autumn-winter.

The two-tone eyelinerautumn trends

Quite bold, this two-tone eyeliner can be made with a softer shade: a plum, a bronze or a purple for example.

The blue eyelidautumn trends

Beautiful on light eyes, this sky blue tone brings a lot of sparkle to the eyes. To wear with perfectly lashed eyelashes. This is one of the autumn trends.

The touch of glitterautumn trends

Put a touch of glitter at the outer corner of the eye, on a nude eyelid, to bring a festive touch to the look.

Inverted eyelinerautumn trends

Deposed at the level of the lower lashes, this metallic green eyeliner brings an ultra-graphic aspect to the look.

The smoky burgundyautumn trends

A must-have this autumn-winter, Burgundy nuncitics are particularly good for light-eyes.

Unstructured eyelinerautumn trends

We fall for this unstructured liner that lengthens and opens the eyes. To be done in pencil for more precision.

The golden detailautumn trends

Combine a golden shade with a dark brown shade to create a chic autumnal make-up.

The flashy blue pencilautumn trends

Deposited all around the eye and on the mucous membrane, this flashy blue pencil highlights the look beautifully. This is one of the autumn trends.

The lagoon eyelinerautumn trends

Deposited only on the last two-thirds of the upper lash line, this lagoon eyeliner brings freshness to the face.

The violet lookautumn trends

Slightly pearly, this autumnal shade is worn flat on the eyelid to illuminate the eye. This is one of the autumn trends.

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