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New technologies of 2017 – how do they look?

Artificial intelligence, voice control, and virtual reality – this is the year when science fiction is gradually becoming a reality. Heard such a law that it is peculiar for a person to overestimate the influence of technology in the short term and to underestimate it in the long term? We will try to bring ready-made working things that will penetrate our lives. The new technologies of 2017 encompass advanced methods of machine learning and the development of artificial intelligence, the interpenetration of the physical and digital worlds. If you want to know more in detail how technology will change our life.

The goal of many technologists is to easily introduce technical innovations into everyday life, which you did not even think you would need, but now you can not live without them. Some products have reached a point of near perfection. The mobile phone, for example, will be redone, but there are no significant improvements expected in the foreseeable future. So what next?

A new wave of technological progress is so futuristic that it looks like a wild figurative fantasy. This year we expect computers that can talk, robots that can learn, and virtual reality experiences that incredibly capture the gamut of sensations.



New technologies of 2017 - how do they look?
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This, finally, happened – HAL 9000 from the film “Space Odyssey 2001” (English 2001: A Space Odyssey ) Stanley Kubrick arrived in 1968, albeit with a 16-year delay. As a conversation buddy, you can ask him to mark the time when you cook an egg, perform arithmetic actions for you, sum up the news of the day or tell you an anecdote. We are talking more and more often with cars. This device is Google Home. Unlike competing devices, it has access to Google’s massive brain and to artificial intelligence. Plus a removable base in seven colors to fit your own home. In the US, it costs $ 130 and probably will cost around £ 130 in the UK.




New technologies of 2017 - how do they look?
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We’ve all heard about “wearable” technologies and devices. The new product category in 2017 is “audible” technology that will play music, send phone calls, monitor health indicators such as heart rate and blood pressure and so on. These audible headphones from the Doppler Labs in San Francisco are expected to be released in March for $ 320, called Here One. At the root, this is a pair of independent of each other Bluetooth headphones. But they also allow you to control the sound from the real world around you. So you can use them to tune the built-in microphones to the person sitting in front of you while taking away the crying child across the restaurant; Reduce the noise of the engine in flight, or the squeal of an underground train.



New technologies of 2017 - how do they look?
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Many people have now tried a stereotypical headset of virtual reality, using a smartphone as a source of video signal. And, surprisingly, such a feint so easily captures people. But a full-fledged exciting virtual reality is the same shock for the senses but in the square. Or rather in a cube. A passionate choice for fans of virtual reality headset is actually not known to everyone Oculus Rift, but Vive, from the Taiwanese manufacturer of HTC phones. It costs around $1024, although you also need to purchase the appropriate gaming computer – another $1400 for this. But it’s worth it. Try new sensations.

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Social media applications are at the center of an excessive exchange of information, exciting teenagers’ lives – sometimes this leads to the puzzlement of their parents. But now there are social applications for adults. Vero is one of the most impressive and refined inventions because it allows you to better control your news and choose who sees what. Thus, there is less danger in the distribution of too much information. You can discuss things such as music, movies, and recommendations on the expense of restaurants with individual groups that can really be interested in them. Less social media, more social life.



New technologies of 2017 - how do they look?
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In one day, robots will take over the world. At the moment, they just grab your living room. UBTech Robotics Alpha 1S does not bring you a cup of tea and does not do laundry yet, but with 16 engines its movements are quite realistic. This is an invention of clever technologies with some seriously impressive movements: this robot can dance breakdance, conduct training or just engage with children for several hours. This all makes it worth $ 500. The little guy goes along with the software, so you can teach him to do more tricks.



New technologies of 2017 - how do they look?
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The best technology is one that solves the real problem. Loss of baggage is a long-term concern for those who fly regularly. A28 Check from the New York startup Raden is a beautifully constructed suitcase that you can track using the application on your smartphone. So you’ll always know where he is, even when he’s where he should be. He weighs himself, so you’ll never suffer the shame of repacking during registration to avoid extra baggage charges. And he can charge your phone up to four times. The app will also help with other travel related issues, such as time-of-flight updates. The usefulness of the invention is proved.



New technologies of 2017 - how do they look?
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Aircraft are increasingly used for everything from shooting movies to shooting at the tops of trees and, for the most part, they are all derived from a helicopter – helicopters with four, six or eight laps. With fixed wings, the unmanned aircraft looks more traditional. French company Parrot launched its first unmanned jet plane Disco for $1472. It is much faster than its opponents with louvers, flying at speeds up to 50 miles per hour. It also comes with Parrot Cockpitglasses, a headset that records video in HD quality, so you can effectively be a pilot on board and feel as if you are flying. This is an extraordinary technology for those who are brought up on the model aircraft with an elastic band for the engine.

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