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The Best Tips to Buy Online Safely You Have To Know

Yes, there are still people who are ‘afraid’ to buy online. Simply, they do not trust. They continually think that they will be cheated. They are going to pay and then they will not receive anything. Or they will receive bricks. The terror of deception is evident and, whether we like it or not, we all have it when we make a purchase online. But to be calmer when we make an online purchase, there are some tricks that can help us. Simple tips that we can all carry out. And, if they still cheat us, let there be no doubt that it was due to bad luck.

Whether you’ve never bought or if you usually do, these tips to buy online safely will help you to be calmer. If you follow them to the letter, it is very unlikely that they will cheat you. Yes, in spite of everything, you find yourself with a scam, report it to the Police, ALWAYS.

The best tips to buy online safely

The Best Tips to Buy Online Safely You Have To Know
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Always choose a trustworthy store

First of all, guide yourself by your instinct. If you see something strange in the store, close the page. And for something strange we refer to the following:

Look at the URL of the store

If a padlock appears, or the page starts with https: // it means that the store is 100% secure. And this is because the data you are going to share will be encrypted from your PC to the store.

There is no registered office at all.

The Best Tips to Buy Online Safely You Have To Know
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Or if it appears, that the address is real and corresponds to the store. In case you have to claim a product, you must contact the store. And if you do not have an address or phone number or real mail, how do you know what a legitimate store is? Call the store if a number appears before placing the order. Send an email if you are given an email address.

The store does not accept payments through Paypal.

The Best Tips to Buy Online Safely You Have To Know
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Mind you, this does not mean that the store is going to rip you off. In fact, there are streaming service platforms that do not allow payment through Paypal and are completely legitimate. But we are not talking about Netflix or HBO, companies of proven guarantee. We are talking about online stores whose only measure of payment is the card. Not even cash on delivery. If it is the case, look for the item in another store that does have payment by Paypal.

Why is Paypal safe? Broadly speaking, and avoiding entering into details and technicalities, because the data on your card only have Paypal. At the moment you pay through Paypal, you do not attach your card number, but your account user. Thus, the store will not know, at any time, the data of your Visa. In addition, Paypal has a claim service, by which you can claim your money in case of not having received the product.

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See the conditions of return or change

Many times we assume that the articles have the right to return, simply because we are not satisfied with them. The reality is another: a trade has no obligation to return anything if it is not for a factory fault, and always try, first, to change it for another in good condition. And that, adhering to Spanish laws. What happens when we buy an item in an Asian store?

Look at the store valuations very well.

The Best Tips to Buy Online Safely You Have To Know
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As a general rule, in global stores such as Aliexpress (meaning a global store as a store that houses others), the stores are subject to valuations. If you are going to make a purchase through Aliexpress or eBay always look how many stars the store has. If a customer has had a bad experience with the trade, they will misjudge the transaction. And how many worse experiences, worse valuation and faster you should run away from the store. Look for the product in another seller, and that’s it.

Check the product you are going to buy very well

The Best Tips to Buy Online Safely You Have To Know
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There are certain aspects of a product that you must take into account to avoid cheating or fraud. And these are the most important you must follow.

Make sure that what they sell to you is real.

The Best Tips to Buy Online Safely You Have To Know
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Look at the name of the product: an iPhone is not the same as an iPhone. Imitations achieve their purpose by imitating the names of very famous items. Make sure, in addition, that it is not a second-hand product … unless it’s what you’re looking for, of course.


Make a copy of the article’s sale page.

Save a copy of the web. If the article has not arrived in the same conditions that came in the description, it will be enough reason for you to return it. It may be that they put obstacles on you, or later edit the description of the article to avoid denunciations. With this document you can claim that the data was not legitimate . If you do not have any proof, surely, you will not be able to return the item.

Compare the price of the product in other stores.

Do you think that what they offer is a big bargain? Search in Google, in your ‘Shopping’ tab, the product in question in other stores. Do not trust the big discounts that stores do … you can take more than one surprise.

Use different passwords for each store

The Best Tips to Buy Online Safely You Have To Know
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And for each social network or subscription. We know it’s a can, but we want to make it difficult for anyone who wants to enter our accounts and get sensitive data, right? If we put the same password in all places on the Internet, we run a certain danger.

Ask for invoice or transaction record

As a rule, in the order package usually comes a document that contains all the details of the purchase-sale. In case you arrive with nothing, make a copy of the email that came with the confirmation of sale. It will serve as proof for subsequent claims.

Check the store’s privacy policy

If you do not want to read the entire text, simply look for something that refers to how you will manage your data once it is delivered. If you do not have privacy policies, close the window and find another store.

All these tips to buy online safely can be summarized in one sentence: ‘If it’s too good to be true, it is not.’ So keep that in mind. And, if in the end you have been deceived, report to the police station, ALWAYS.

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