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Records to Smile About

Our mouths are incredible. When you think about the constant use from smiling, chewing, talking and pulling faces – our mouths put up with a lot! Teeth work hard to serve us every day and it’s important to look after them as they’re pretty special. For some, their teeth are particularly special and have helped them achieve world records! Here we look at some impressive and some downright crazy world records involving teeth:

Longest Time Holding a Dumbbell Between Teeth – This chap must have strong teeth as he holds the world record for the longest hold of a 5-pound dumbbell between his teeth. Pavol Durdik of Slovakia managed an impressive hold of 32 minutes and 20 seconds in January 2016. Why? Well, presumably to get into the Guinness Book of Records.

Tallest Domino Tower – Now, this is an impressive record! The tallest domino tower stacked on a domino held between the teeth record belongs to Mark Evans of Wales. In August 2015, Mark managed a whopping tower of 46 dominoes balanced on one domino held between his teeth. The record remains unchallenged!

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Longest Time Brushing Teeth – Dentists must love this young man! Michael Martin of West Virginia brushed his teeth for a record-breaking 45 minutes and 12.7 seconds in June 2015. Making a stand for oral hygiene, Michael’s record still stands. Think it’s time you had a check-up? For a Cardiff Orthodontic Dentist, visit https://www.cathedraldentalclinic.com

Fastest Car Pull with Teeth – Not to be tried at home but the record for the fastest time to pull a car 5 metres using your teeth belongs to a stuntman from Milan, Italy. A dangerous attempt, he pulled the car with his teeth, while hopping on one foot, barefooted through broken glass! He pulled the vehicle 5 metres in 45.17 seconds which would have been impressive enough on its own.

Heaviest Person Lifted By Teeth – In New York on Valentine’s Day 2014, Titano Oddfellow lifted a person weighing 190.40 pounds using just his teeth. Again, not a record attempt to be tried by anyone other than a professional stuntman.

Fastest Time to Eat an Apple with No Front Teeth – There comes a time in everyone’s childhood when we need to get used to eating with lots of missing teeth. In Brooklyn, New York in 2010, Toby Petersen managed to eat a whole apple in an incredible one minute and 17.60 seconds with no front teeth. No that’s a challenge!

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Farthest Distance Pulling a 10-Ton Bus Using Teeth – Definitely not one to try at home but strongman Abeesh P.Dominic managed to pull a 10-ton bus for 50 metres using only the strength of his teeth. The record-breaking attempt took place in Kerala, India in April 2015.

Longest Electric Guitar Playing With Teeth – Amazingly, Raktim Khound from Assam, India played the electric guitar for 5 minutes and 40. 22 seconds using only his teeth.

Most Cars Pulled With Teeth – In Tbilisi, Georgia, Guram Ustiashvili used his teeth to pull three cars. The event took place during the Tbilisoba Auto Show in 2013 with Guram representing the Georgian Records Federation.

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