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The top chefs give top tips

If you like making food, but have a bunch of cooking niggles, you might find that some of these tips will help. They come from the industry top dogs ,who obviously know their stuff, so take a look and see if they can help you enjoy cooking again.

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Lemon juice

If a recipe calls for lemon juice, you might dread squeezing the lemon without getting the pips and pulp falling into your juice. Instead, try microwaving the lemon for ten seconds to allow the cells to break down and the juice to flow much easier.


Removing the seeds from a pomegranate can be a tough and messy process. You should start by holding it stem side up, then cutting it horizontally. With the cut side against your hand, hit the other side with a rolling pin to allow the seeds to fall out with ease. You should wear an apron to protect your clothes or you might need to take a look at how to get rid of pomegranate stains.

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A little trick to cooking perfect meat is to leave it out to reach room temperature first. If you leave your steak out for 1-2 hours before cooking, it will ensure that it is cooked to perfection.

Rice and pizza

Although a conventional oven does the job, cooking your rice in a rice cooker will give you textbook rice that isn’t too hard or too soggy. Pizza ovens are a brilliant way to ensure that your pizza is cooked well and has that authentic, rustic taste that you don’t get with a standard oven.


Although you can set the temperature on any oven, try using a thermometer to ensure the oven is at the exact temperature required for perfect food.



It is important to make sure your kitchen is clean to the highest standard to stop any cross contamination. All staff should be trained to do cleans as they go along and often a deep clean will take place.  How ever it will depend on the size of business you have and how many staff you have to do this. If your also short on Time which is an important element in the catering industry maybe hiring in a professional office cleaning Gloucester company could help ease the pressure and they will be able to come in as often as you need. One potential site you could try for this is http://intocleaning.co.uk/.


Instead of adding salt to your sauce as it cooks, you should always wait until right at the end. This is because reducing your sauce makes it saltier, so you don’t want to risk making it too salty by adding it in whilst it is still cooking.

Whether you love or loathe cooking, taking heed of these tips might just make your time in the kitchen that little bit more pleasurable.

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