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Spirit-based drinks see increase in popularity

Drinking habits change over time as old favourites fall out of fashion and new trends appear on the scene. After several decades of increasing popularity for wine, there have been some changes in the habits of British drinkers. Recent figures reveal UK drinkers are increasingly turning to spirits and moving away from wine and beer. Almost half of all adults own some cocktail making equipment, with many preferring to create their own concoctions rather than simply uncorking a bottle of wine.

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Gin in particular has enjoyed a huge increase in popularity over the past few years, with gin festivals now a staple of the events calendar of most cities and large towns. There has also been a huge increase in the number of small, independent distilleries producing unique gins to satisfy the growing market.

Why are cocktails so popular?

Cocktails have really taken off in the past ten years and standards have certainly risen. Fresh exotic juices and artisan ingredients are far easier to purchase than in the past, meaning bars and restaurants can offer a lot more choice. Cocktails are a popular pre- and post-dinner option for many diners, replacing desserts and even starters in some cases.

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As consumers become better educated about cocktail ingredients and variations, the industry needs to continually evolve to keep up with demand. Even smaller, traditional pubs and restaurants are recognising the benefits of offering at least a small menu of expertly mixed cocktails created from quality ingredients. Post mix equipment from reputable suppliers such as https://empireuk.com/post-mix-equipment/ is a great way for bars and restaurants to efficiently deliver cocktails to customers.

Old favourites v new inventions

According to research by Business Insider, the most popular cocktail in the world is the Old Fashioned. This simple yet classic drink is the top seller in over 30 per cent of all the bars in the world surveyed for the study.

The Whiskey Sour and Dry Martini also made the top five, with the Daiquiri and Margarita also ranking highly. This just goes to show that while cocktails might be enjoying an increase in popularity, it is the traditional creations that are still the go-to choices for many consumers. If you can master the basics and procure high-quality ingredients, you can’t go wrong with a few well-chosen classics.


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