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How to save money on shipping

The rising cost of shipping items can be a difficult part of running a business, especially if you have a small business that needs to ship very large or heavy items. You may be wondering how you can save money on the cost of shipping so that you don’t end up driving away potential customers with hefty shipping costs or overpaying a shipping company through poor negotiations.

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Use a postage calculator

Using a postage calculator is the best way to avoid being overcharged for shipping costs; in addition, it is a way to work out how you can save money on shipping costs. It is common for people to pack their parcels as tightly as possible so that the parcel size is smaller; however, keeping the weight of the parcel as light as possible is another way to reduce shipping costs – the lighter and smaller the parcel, the less it will cost to ship. This will also remove the risk of an employee guessing the weight of a parcel and charging an incorrect amount for shipping.

Do a bit of research

Researching the most cost-effective shipping company in your area is another way of saving money on shipping, as going with the first quote to save time is not always the way forward. There are companies that pride themselves on good but cost-effective service, but do your homework to ensure you are using a reputable company with good reviews. If you are going to be shipping a high volume of parcels, most companies will be open to negotiation.

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Remember that you are never tied to using just one carrier; instead, be open to using several different carriers to get the best deal. Be aware of prohibited items, and that some companies will carry items that others will not. Couriers in Bracknell such as https://www.uk-tdl.com deliver thousands of parcels every day.

Most carrier companies will provide packaging. It is always best to use the packaging provided, as using your own leaves you open to incurring extra charges for different dimensions.

For more information on saving money on shipping, check out online resources such as Lifehacker.

Consider prepaid shipping options, as these normally come with a discount. This simply means that you buy some labels upfront rather than buying them as and when you need them.

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