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Five keys to the kitsch decorating style

Decorating in the kitschy style, defined in a word, is fun. It is a style opposed to minimalism where colors, shapes, and the exaggeration of striking elements abound.

It was born in Germany and is among the most used styles today. However, in our country, it is more present in the decoration of various types of businesses than in homes. Now you will know the keys to decorating in the kitsch style in any environment that you can think of.

1. Rescue old frameskitsch decorating

The old frames that you no longer display or those ornaments that you thought were old and unpainted can now be fundamental pieces to achieve a kitsch style in your home. Don’t be afraid to fill your walls with paintings or other collectibles to give your home a lot of personalities. This is an exaggerated and eccentric style.

2. Combine small cans

If your kitchen lacks life, reuse old cans that you have at home and turn them into small pots or organizers. The more colors they have, the better. To achieve a better result, always place them all together in a striking corner of your kitchen or where you need it most.

3. Recycled and colorful furniturekitsch decorating

Recycle old furniture and change color. Don’t limit yourself to black or white, try bright colors like yellow, red, or green on your chairs or shelves. You will see that you will obtain a very original and nice result that you will not find anywhere. Dare to combine different colors without fear when decorating in the kitsch style.

4. Full Patchwork

Nothing better to fill your home with color than using colorful tablecloths, cushions, or curtains made with the patchwork technique or with large and colorful prints.

Combine the colors according to your accessories and you will get a beautiful composition of decorative elements.

5. Decorate with vintage toys

Finally, add a touch of shine and charm to your kitsch decoration with vintage toys that you have stored at home. Today, antique stores looking for these types of highly prized items for their value in decoration. If you have one at home, don’t think twice and take advantage of it to complement the style of your home.

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