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Common Services Offered By The Post Office

When you want to send a letter, get stamps, or even get a passport, then you might visit the post office. There are many services that your local post office provides that you might not be aware of until you call or visit. Various types of mailing services are offered such as first-class and priority. The difference between the services is the length of time that it takes packages to arrive based on which one you select. There are also different prices associated with the various services that are available. Faster shipping services are often more expensive. You can get envelopes of all sizes as well as boxes and stamps at the post office.

There are options available to track letters and packages that are mailed, but there is an extra charge. Most offices have a way to weigh packages if you are not sure about the weight so that you know how much it will cost to send the item. If the package can’t be sent through the post office, then workers will direct you as to where you should take your packages that will ship them.

Media mail is also available. These services include books up to a certain number of pages, music and test materials that you can print, and charts that are used for educational purposes. Many offices have money orders that you can purchase if you need to send funds to someone. You can usually send or receive faxes at the post office. Military mail can also be sent, which is sometimes less expensive than other types of packages that you can send. Passports are another service provided by most post offices. You will usually need to call ahead to find out what kind of identification you need to get your passport. There is also a cost associated with the passport depending on how long you want to use the document.

Many post offices offer assistance with government documents that you need to send or that you need to complete in order to deliver to somewhere else. Workers are usually willing to go above and beyond their duty to ensure that you receive the services that you need in a timely manner. Most offices are busiest at the end of the week and during the holiday season as people want to try to ensure that mail is delivered by a certain day of the week and before the post office is closed for the holiday.

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