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How to keep your home at an adequate temperature in summer

When the heat arrives our house has to be prepared to face it in the best way. We share some tips to keep the house always at the right temperature in summer.

Now that the heat and good weather come, we face one of the problems that most headaches give us. How to keep the house always at the right temperature in summer. This is complicated if we do not know how to do it, without spending a lot of money.

Many studies have been done on what is the perfect temperature for the human being. However, many variables influence since not everyone always has the same thermal sensations. But to give you an idea, the comfort temperature is between 21ºC and 23ºC, more or less, without doing any activity and in a shaded environment.

In summer, the body temperature is reached and exceeds quickly, so it is important to maintain the house with an environment that does not overwhelm us and make us feel comfortable. For that reason, in today’s post, we tell you some tricks to keep the house cool and at a suitable temperature in summer. Take paper and pen and aim!

The importance of air conditioningtemperature in summer

The air conditioning, what would we do without it in the great heat seasons? It becomes our best friend in the summer. Although that yes, it is necessary to know how to use since it is also the culprit of which our consumption of light increases considerably.

When choosing a device of this type for your home, you have to assess several details. It is important that you marry well with the aesthetic and that does not clash with the rest of the furniture. But the fundamental thing will be that it is efficient and that it cools quickly. In this way, we can save some energy.

You will also have to make sure that it does not make too much noise.  Especially for the hottest nights, since it is very annoying to sleep with that kind of noise.

If you are going to put it in a room of large dimensions, something that you must take into account to get a proper temperature is to throw more air and cool at a greater distance. That yes, that this does not suppose a problem at the time of its consumption. Make sure your air conditioner does not overspend. That is to say, that it turns off when it reaches the programmed temperature and that it is not turning off and on constantly if you do not want to take a surprise in the bill of the light.

For the most modern houses, there are devices with Wifi. Yes, you read it right. This is a very useful extra so that when you get home you do not find it too hot. With your mobile, wherever you are, you can control the exact temperature you want when you enter your home. Great, right?

Finally, a very important issue is that you properly clean the air tubes. Sometimes, they can be clogged by accumulated dirt and not cool well. If your device is already a few years old, make sure that there is no problem.

The adequate temperature in summer: beware of lighttemperature in summer

Something important that, when it comes to the truth, no one does, is to prevent natural light from entering, especially in the morning. At that time the light that enters increases the temperature considerably. Therefore, avoid cooking or using electrical appliances as much as possible, so as not to increase the degrees in your home. Take advantage of and prepare healthy meals that do not need cooking. The salads or fresh sandwich will be perfect. With the excuse, we will take care of our line!

Similarly, before leaving home when we go to work or do some errands, it will be essential that we leave the blinds of all rooms closed, if possible. With this, you will get more freshness without having to use any device. Also, if they are lying for most of the day, at night it will not be as hot as the room will not have warmed up so much.

At night, for there to be an air current, leave the windows open. Make sure you have a mosquito net or some product so you do not get bitten by mosquitoes. We know that in these seasons of the year our skin becomes a delicacy for them.

By doing this every day, you will be able to maintain a cool and pleasant temperature. And above all, you will save energy consumption. Keep reading-The Best Ways to Shower

Include plants that purify the environmenttemperature in summer

There are many plants that have numerous properties beneficial to health and not only merely aesthetic. They serve to purify the air and generate some humidity and freshness that for summer, comes very well.

If you want to know what kind of plants contribute to debugging your home, click here. You will be surprised by some!

Besides getting freshness in the home, they are also able to absorb certain elements such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, acetone and many other different types of harmful substances. In this way, you can increase the quality of life in your home.

With these tips, you will get your house much cooler. Enjoy your home with the right temperature in summer!

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