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Claiming Benefits to Which You are Entitled

Throughout your adult working life, you paid into the Social Security system faithfully. You may be paid up in full and no longer owe several quarters’ worth of contributions, in fact. It would make sense that you should be able to draw on those benefits if or when you are injured and can no longer work.

However, applying for and actually receiving these benefits is increasingly difficult today. Even people who are legitimately hurt or suffering from chronic or fatal illnesses are often turned down for benefits by judges who do not take their claims seriously. When you retain the services of a law firm, mediator, or Social Security attorney San Antonio claimants like you may be able to win the benefits to which you are legally entitled during your first hearing.

Proving Your Claim

Judges who preside over disability hearings are charged with viewing each case with a healthy dose of skepticism. This jaded view is necessary to prevent people from scamming the system.

However, some judges may take their skepticism too far and turn down every claimant who appears before them. Some people have to appeal their cases five or six times over the course of several years before they can win their rightful benefits.

You may not have that kind of time to waste appealing for your Social Security payments. When you hire a lawyer to assist you, you effectively hand over your case to someone who knows the federal and state laws and can build a case that will convince the judge the first time you appear.

Hiring a lawyer also can be a viable option when you have been turned down repeatedly after representing yourself in court. At this point, the court may owe you a back settlement in addition to present and future benefit payments. Your lawyer can make sure you win your next appeal and get access the back payments to which you are entitled.

Filing for Social Security disability can be a long and arduous process. You can make it simpler and faster by retaining a lawyer who specializes in this area of law.

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