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How Your Career Could Benefit From Scrum Master Certification

There are many methodologies that an organisation can implement to improve and streamline their business process management, from Six Sigma to Prince 2 and Scrum to a combination of methods. Here we focus on scrum master certification and how it can help a business and, therefore, benefit your career.

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How Can Scrum Help a Business?

The term isn’t some clever acronym: it refers to the rugby term, where the team packs together and acts as a group rather than as an individual. In its infancy Scrum was used mainly in the software development field, but latterly the benefits are being reaped across other business functions, such as marketing. According to Business 2 Community, it can help to raise the visibility of your brand.

In general, adopting Scrum methodology across a business will increase productivity and efficiency and ensure high product quality. This increased efficiency can help to reduce your lead time as well as reduce waste, thus improving the overall profitability of your business.

It can also help to boost staff morale, keeping everyone informed, involved and on track through a series of scrum and sprint meetings. These meetings are always face to face, and this encourages improved relations between employees while reducing the instances of miscommunication.

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How Can Scrum Master Certification Benefit Your Career?

As more and more businesses adopt this methodology, they are also keen to recruit employees who understand the process and can demonstrate some experience in delivering its principles. Of course, you don’t need to have the certification to practise the principles, but to stand out from the crowd and prove your credentials you really should have the qualification.

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As well as independent verification of your skills, the certificate will also improve your salary prospects versus those who don’t have it. Depending on the position, organisation and your level of experience, someone with Scrum Master certification can expect to earn anywhere up one hundred thousand pounds per annum, although entry-level salaries are lower.

Scrum Master certification also provides you with the tools to lead a team, whether that is your own team or a smaller sub or project team. In either case this has the potential to further advance your prospects.

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