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Boosting your business profile

If you’re thinking of rebranding or launching a new product this year it will certainly pay to have a strategy. If you are a relatively small business then you probably do not have a big budget for advertising and marketing, but there are many ways you can promote your brand.

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Strategic partnerships with other businesses can greatly increase your local profile. This is not a merger but a partnership where you can pool resources, maximize the potential by sharing skills, network, customer base and ideas. Put all agreements in writing so that each party knows what to expect from the partnership. These partnerships can accelerate growth, for example, if you have a local business then perhaps a partnership with local events will increase brand awareness in front of the target audience. For help with ideas, consult a Brand Strategy Agency on a site like https://www.reallyhelpfulmarketing.co.uk/marketing-and-strategic-development-services/brand-strategy-agency/

Sponsorship is a great idea for a business of any size. It is often cheaper than advertising with a more focused targeted audience. It will create relationships with loyal fans immediately if you sponsor a local football club, for example.

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Events can also improve your brand profile and put you firmly on the local radar, as you turn on multiple ads from a local radio station or a local newspaper. Provide people with a reason and incentive to attend and encourage people to stay in touch after the event. This is where social media plays a part. Using social media and the web will ensure that you are able to provide information and topics that will keep participants interested and even those who do not attend will still be involved.

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