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These 3 Factors Could Determine if You’ll Have To Pay Bail

If you find yourself in sitting in a jail cell, you may be wondering if you’ll be forced to pay bail for release. Getting out is surely your primary concern, reestablishing normalcy and working to fight the case. Fees and amounts are not always simple. In fact, the judge in charge of your court case may think about several different factors before leveling a decision. Here are three things that could heavily affect the outcome.

1. The Severity of the Crime

What exactly were you arrested for? This is a major consideration in the case. Traffic violations, for example, or a misdemeanor may simply be dismissed, or you could find that the judge releases you for personal recognizance. However, if you are charged with a felony or anything violent then the court may place a high price for you to get out. In this case, if cash isn’t available, you’ll want to research a bail bonds near me Allentown PA to assist with the situation.

2. Your Medical Condition

Be very clear about any physical, emotional or mental concerns. Are you taking any medications? Do you have underlying conditions that could be harmed while remaining locked up? If you’re currently going through treatments that cannot be stopped, you may request leniency on bail fees.

3. Your Flight Risk

Ties to the community are important. If you can show good faith and a reason to stay put. This might mean that you lack funding to flee or that you have family connections or financial investment in the area. Emphasize your job, personal relationships and associations. You’ll be asked to simply stay in town and show up for all significant appearance dates. Dedication and loyalty could be rewarded by waiving bail.

You may not have to front anything in order to obtain freedom. The legal figures in charge may consider your character, mobility and threat level.

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