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18 Business ideas that you can start almost without money

1.Advertising distribution company

18 Business ideas that you can start almost without money
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Although we are in a highly technological era, many small and medium businesses remain, and even large companies, who prefer their offers, continue to come directly to the door of their potential customers. Creating this type of company or devoting part time to the distribution of advertising does not require an initial investment.

2.Personal assistant.

18 Business ideas that you can start almost without money
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The figure of the personal assistant or virtual assistant continues without taking off in our country. If you have communicative skills, skills with basic programs like Office, you can get several companies to manage the calls or accumulation of tasks. If you decide to do it in a more professional way and dedicate yourself to virtual assistance you can help companies and the self-employed to give them a more professional image. I was asked how much some companies would be willing to pay for this service, and the truth is that if they are given an affordable monthly flat rate, there would be many professionals who would be willing to outsource these tasks. Maybe it’s a question of getting into the street in the search for customers.¬†Continue reading¬†business ideas for teens.

3.Consultant of SMEs focused on technology.

18 Business ideas that you can start almost without money
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If you have knowledge about the operation of the internet and social networks, you can offer your services when making a small or medium business build your image on the internet, as well as help you to capture potential customers by launching their advertising on social networks like Facebook.

4.Corporate blog.

18 Business ideas that you can start almost without money
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Most companies today have a website, although according to Google, small and medium-sized businesses still have a low percentage of Internet presence. Perhaps more important than knowing how to do it, we would be talking about the time that a person from a small company would dedicate to the construction of his own corporate blog and maybe we could reach an agreement for the subsequent management and maintenance of contents.

5.Personal trainer.

18 Business ideas that you can start almost without money
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If you have knowledge in training and even sports nutrition, this market is starting to emerge in Spain, where even many gyms are outsourcing the services of personal trainers outside the gym. In this way, the gym does not have to pay once a considerable loss of customers occurs, being able to turn to external personal trainers before a punctual increase in their service. Although today a personal trainer can also earn money with his own blog or uploading his videos to YouTube with his series of training and advice.6

6.Business Intermediary.

If you have skills in sales, today there are many companies that do not want to hire on the payroll but want to sell their products. Therefore, you can use your commercial skills to become the commercial agent of different companies, building a large portfolio of clients and charging a commission for each product sold. If you manage to get a large client base you can end up building a very profitable and full-time business in this fascinating profession.

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7.Oriental therapies.

18 Business ideas that you can start almost without money
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From teaching Yoga, Tai Chi to all sorts of oriental and/or spiritual therapies, today it is a business that many starts in the living room of their own home charging a low fee to their users and making a community around this type of therapies. If you have knowledge in these disciplines, go ahead.

8.Personal defense classes for women.

Perhaps the women’s group is a good client for this type of service because we are not going to teach them how to face hand to hand in a fight. It would be enough for us to teach them how to escape or to let go of an aggressor and then to run. Something that can certainly be as productive as entertaining and fun if you do with a healthy group of women willing to learn to defend themselves.

9.Drop Shipping business.

18 Business ideas that you can start almost without money
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DropShipping basically is to sell products without having to store them or have them in stock. Therefore, anyone can start this type of business without any money. Thus the boy he started talking a few days ago, which to earn extra money started selling clothes to your Facebook contacts, and when would agree was billed million. (read: how to open your own clothing store free internet and make money by selling your designs )

10.Image Advisor.

It begins to emerge this profession that formerly was focused on the luxury market. If you like a dress and understand the protocol for each situation, you can start your own business of image consulting.

11.Professional mock-up recording.

Youtube gives the possibility to new artists to promote their songs, but some do not have the experience to make them in a professional way. Today, you do not need a large recording studio to record a scale model professionally. Just the right program and through your computer you can create a scale model and even a disk in a completely professional way. If you know how to do it, with the bubble of programs that seek music stars, you can make money by providing this service.

12.Low-Cost Decoration.

The other day we saw several business opportunities aimed at customers looking for bargains. One of those ideas was the Low-Cost decoration, and as in any business where you are the intermediary, just without investment you can present your design and get in touch with the distributors. The agreement can be either to buy the material from the distributor and raise the price to the final customer, to become the commercial of the different distributors and charge a commission for the sale and provision of services.

13.Editing videos.

If you are editing videos, you can offer your professional services to a wide range of clients. From companies that are making promotional videos to marriages looking for someone to edit their wedding video in film form with titles and explanations.

14.Sale of homemade food.

If your own is the kitchen and you are aware of the damage that the new food is causing to the health of the people, you already have the essential motivation to sell this idea to people who do not have time to prepare a healthy meal and are tired of feeding on Fast food and canned. The Big Dipper was born, an important specializes in homemade food for children Company, whose entrepreneurial started recently in the kitchen of his house selling his kitchen to neighbors.

15.Sewing arrangements.

With the crisis, more and more people prefer to fix before buying, as well as many people who do not know how to put a pair of lows to a pair of pants or fix a jacket. The number of people who arrange clothes in their own home has grown considerably, becoming the economic outlet for many housewives who have all members of their family unemployed.

16.Hairdressing and aesthetics at home.

One way to save on the opening and expenses of a local is to offer your services of esthetics and hairdressing salon. In this way, we can also offer the client the advantage of not having to go anywhere, as well as being available a weekend to prepare a family for weddings or communions.

17.Sale of handmade products and accessories.

There are very good ideas on the internet to manufacture all kinds of products at home for later sale. From a thousand wonders of products with the own Instagram photos. Here are some examples of product ideas you can do from home using only the photos in social networks. You can also make handicrafts like gloves, hats, etc …

18.Customized clothing.

When we gave our ideas of micron ego CIOs we talked about an entrepreneur who personalizes sneakers. Today, if you are passionate about art or creating your own drawing and stamping it on a T-shirt, it is easier than ever to do it and make it known. See treadless case where the entrepreneur selling 35 million bill designs and giving users the opportunity for users to earn money with their designs.

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