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Motorcycles in which every man would dream

Looking for the most powerful bikes. Here is listed with the 7 that you will want yes or yes. Find motorcycles that exceed 1200 cubic centimeters and others up to 200 horsepower.

Every time there are more traffic jams that Colombians must pass to reach their destination. Without the doubt, one solution that many have opted for are motorcycles.

But it is not about riding any motorized bicycle, follow this list and start dreaming about one of these spectacular machines.

1.Yamaha MT – 10Motorcycles

Impossible to go unnoticed in this beauty. It is the perfect union between power and agility. The MT-10 is by far the most powerful Hyper Naked on Yamaha.

The bike allows an ergonomic posture that allows you to enjoy any curve that is on the road.

This motorcycle is driven by a crossplane engine (ie it has higher acceleration and traction) of four cylinders and 998 cc, has a really light chassis and a very short wheelbase that also helps you feel really comfortable while he drives.

Price: $ 54’990.000

2.KTM GT 1290Motorcycles

The design of this bike has the latest in ergonomic technology, electronics, and extreme resistance. If you have dreamed of knowing the country on a motorcycle, this machine is perfect. It has six speeds, worthy of a supercar. A two-cylinder V-shaped rocket that is above the level of the chain so you do not have any problem turning.

The suspension is modifiable. The pilot can choose between three use scenarios: Comfort, Street, and Sport, which automatically adjust to the information provided by the race sensors and accelerometers. It also captures the vehicle’s load, making the suspension adapt to different weights. That is to say that you only have to worry about going very far.

The cylinder is a savage: 1301 cm³, weighs 205 kg and the seat is 835 mm from the floor, do not worry, if your height is average it will not be hanging on the bike.

Price: $ 79’990.000

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3.Honda VFR1200XMotorcycles

This bike brings the experience of driving to another level. Let’s start with the basics. The handles for the passenger are integrated, the handguards are adjustable and the screen can be adjusted to the driver’s preference.

The VFR1200X combines the characteristics of an off-road (the off-road) and the immense Honda Crosstourer for you to be totally comfortable in the trips that are proposed.

It has double brake disc on the front rim and one on the back weighs 275 Kg.

4.BMW R 1200 RSMotorcycles

This bike can be defined as a jewel. It is a union between a road bike and a sports one that stands out perfectly with the double headlight. In spite of that, you will not have to go almost lying on the bike, because it is designed so that the driver is upright and the chair is not too high, so do not worry because you will not see it as if you had borrowed it. high friend

As you can imagine, it is a very strong bike. It has a 125-horsepower bob and reaches up to 75 kilometers per gallon. It also has automatic stability control and you can choose between two driving modes: Pro Rain and Road.

Price: Close to 3,827,600.000 dollars

5.Suzuki GSX-R 600Motorcycles

This bike is perfect for speed lovers. If you are looking for power and a weight that is not a problem this bike is what you always dreamed of. The engine is four-stroke and its cylinders are located in the line.

It is 599 cc cylinder but it has nothing to envy to larger displacement bikes because it has 124 horsepower. It’s a lot, everything you can want to enjoy rolling around the roads of Colombia.

Add that the suspension is hydraulic with fully adjustable rebound and compression. Double brake disc on the front rim and one single on the rear.

Price: $ 44’200.000

6.Kawasaki H2Motorcycles

Just by seeing it you will understand why this is one of the dreams of anyone who has driven a motorcycle that arrived in the country in 2015. Let’s start by talking about the 1000 cubic centimeter of displacement that joins the 207 horsepower with which you You will feel it fly.

Precisely to respond to that speed, the fairing is made of carbon fiber. In such a machine you will not have anything to envy to the race drivers. In fact, this bike has elements that only applied to competition bikes.

Price: $ 115’000.000

7.Harley Davidson Ultra LimitedMotorcycles

You have to start by saying that it is Harley Davidson, the emblematic brand in the history of motorcycles. In addition, it must be said that if you like music on this bike you can listen to all that you want because it comes mounted with a sound system.

If you are a true traveler you can take advantage of the GPS with the touchscreen. The chairs are tremendously comfortable and have even heat control. The performance and power of the engine are incredible and its creators highlight the smoothness of its handling despite the size of the bike. It is the motorcycles in which man dream.

Price: $ 113,999.000

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