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What To Do When a Drunk Driver Collides With You

You were sitting at the red light waiting for it to turn green when all of a sudden, you felt yourself flailing helplessly forward in your seat as a car crashed into you from behind. The impact forces you a few feet into the intersection just as the light turns green, and your chest feels as if it is crushed from the impact of the steering wheel. Your head hit the headrest as your car comes to a stop, and you wonder what just happened as you see smoke and steam pouring from the car behind you. Turning on your flashers, you get out of your car and check on the other driver – only to find him hugging his steering wheel and smiling at you. You can smell the alcohol, and you know you have been hit by a drunk driver. So, what do you do now?

1. Call 911

Call the nearest police dispatcher and request a police officer be sent as soon as possible. Although you cannot decide if someone is inebriated, you can report that you smell alcohol. Next, call car accident lawyers in Columbia MD and explain your situation.

2. Keep Safe

If it is daytime, put up traffic cones in the intersection if you have them. If the accident occurred at night, place flairs around your vehicles to warn other drivers of a problem.

3. Gather Evidence

Take pictures of both vehicles, including how far your automobile was pushed into the intersection. If possible, ask the driver for permission to film him and take a video while you ask a question or two.

4. Exchange Information

If the driver is coherent enough, exchange information with him. If not, ask the officer to help you obtain the information you will need to file an insurance report.

Go to the hospital immediately if you need medical care. Once you have the police report, meet with your attorney to seek compensation for the accident.

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