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3 Things You Should Do To Fight a Commercial Insurance Denial

As a business owner, your priority is keeping the company going, working hard and making profit. Therefore, when flooding or fire occurs, it can be devastating to shut the doors for long periods of time. Even harder may be financially recovering from the incident. For many proprietors, then, they need the assistance of insurance companies to offset the extraordinary loss. While this at times can move smoothly, there are times when claims are denied, leaving people in the lurch. When this happens, owners have the right to fight the refusal, appealing again for assistance. If you need to go this route, consider the following three tips.

1. Find an Experienced Attorney

Don’t take on this battle alone. You are going to want guidance. Locate a local legal office that understands your interests and is willing to take up your case. Sometimes they won’t even take money until they win the case. That means you get support without having to put up money upfront.

2. Fight Using the Language

Along with your legal counsel, work with someone who speaks the jargon.  A commercial property claims expert Houston TX understands the technicalities of the policies, often previously working for local agencies. Allowing them to review the case, they may be able to find a clause or interpretation to benefit your fight. In addition, should you go to court, this person then becomes a qualified witness on your behalf.

3. Prepare Your Documentation

Whether going to court or settling in the office, you’ll need evidence to validate your assertions. From the very beginning remain vigilant about collecting paperwork and photos. Any damage should be photographed, validating your need for funds. In addition, you have copies of your policies with you in your files. Highlight anything you deem valid. It also is helpful to have additional companies evaluate the issues.

An initial rejection is just the beginning. It isn’t the be-all and end-all. Stay persistent. Find support systems.

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