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5 Modern Approaches to Keeping Schools Safe

There are many modern technologies that can assist school staff in making education institutions safer places to be. In addition to traditional approaches, taking advantage of apps and panic buttons allow schools to stay more protected while encouraging students to be more proactive about reporting safety concerns.

Panic Buttons

Having panic buttons installed in classrooms is an effective way to trigger silent alarms in the event of a man-made emergency. Besides traditional panic buttons, schools may also use panic pads which provide more information to responding emergency and law enforcement services. These resources also allow educators to quickly report other emergencies such as medical incidents, which can help save valuable time during the reporting process.

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Reporting Apps

There are several apps that allow students and educators to report safety concerns digitally. Some of these apps allow the reports to be made anonymously which encourages those who are apprehensive of social or legal repercussions due to making the report.

Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras should be installed in areas that receive high amounts of foot traffic. In addition to helping discourage poor behaviors, surveillance cameras help staff supply law enforcement with relevant footage if an incident takes place.

Alert System

Alert systems are an excellent way to keep parents and students notified of any emergencies that may take place on campus. Alerts can be used to notify relevant students, staff and parents of possible threats, safety concerns and campus closures.

Social Media Coverage

Besides protecting students from physical threats, schools can look to protect their students from digital issues such as bullying on social media. Various software programs can help notify school administrators over possible cyberbullying concerns. Students can also be trained in how to notice and report instances of digital harassment.

By making use of modern and traditional methods, campuses can be kept safe from physical and social threats.

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