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The 5 best places to camp in Spain

In the mountains, in the forest, among trees or on the beach. More and more people flee year after year to shelter themselves from their tent.


Abandon the irritating sound of the city, the hustle, and bustle of its cars and the commotion of its streets to be carried away by the idyllic noise that leaves us only nature. A luxury in these times, but within the reach of all.


If you are thinking of an alternative vacation, we will help you not to miss anything. Because, in fact, you need very little. Keep in mind some tips and take note of these destinations, where the views from your tent will become the best gift every morning.



Keep in mind that each Autonomous Community has its own legislation on camping. The first thing: consult the regulations in this respect in the area you go to know the conditions and requirements. Check out the campsites that exist in each region so you can install your tent without problems.

Do everything you need to make your stay as pleasant as possible during camping. You can see here some of the basic things that you will need: tent, sleeping bags, some furniture, backpacks, lighting . There is a whole range of resources that will allow you to enjoy your outdoor vacation to the fullest, In addition, without spending too much.



Respect and preserve natural spaces. A motto: “Leave everything better than you found it”. Do not leave a trail of garbage, take care of drinking water and avoid making noises that disturb the local fauna.

Check the weather forecast. The weather will be one of the factors that you will have to keep in mind when organizing your holiday in the tent. In any case, remember that there are a large number of instruments that will allow you to enjoy your camping with any type of weather condition.

Five destinations for camping in Spain


1 – Island of Ons (Galicia)

The 5 best places to camp in Spain
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Located at the entrance of the estuary of Pontevedra and framed in the National Park of the Atlantic Islands, this island of the archipelago of Ons is a gift for the senses. A small coastal rural nucleus full of legends where escape from pollution not only atmospheric but also light.


Its beautiful beaches, its cliffs, and its abrupt landscape will allow you to enjoy a unique natural environment beyond the walls of your tent.


2 – Playa El Salado, Island of La Graciosa (Lanzarote)

The 5 best places to camp in Spain
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If you are looking to escape to paradise without going to the Caribbean this is your destination. Playa El Salado, located on the island of La Graciosa (Lanzarote), is an enclave of golden sand and crystal clear waters ideal for a romantic getaway on the coast.


A paradisiacal tranquility that in few other areas you can find. Learn about permits, reservations, and conditions. We recommend in this case stores heat resistant to avoid the high temperatures that are near the beach.


3 – Negratin (Granada)

The 5 best places to camp in Spain
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Ideal for families. The area of Negratín, located in the Altiplano de Granado, will allow you to rest and enjoy a few days of camping on the banks of its reservoir, which still maintains turquoise waters under its reddish slopes and large pine forests.


Do you like fishing? Take advantage to take your cane, as this reservoir is a place frequented by fishing enthusiasts.


4 – A Curota (Galicia)

The 5 best places to camp in Spain
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If you want not only to enjoy wonderful landscapes during your camping stay, but also to get in touch with the fauna of the area, escape to A Curota (A Coruna). It coexists with wild horses and cows in a natural setting overlooking the Rias de Arousa and Muros-Noia.


Find out first the conditions to be able to camp and try to take with you good insulation and sleeping bags to avoid the cold of the night.


5 – Sierra de Guadarrama (Madrid)

The 5 best places to camp in Spain
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In the mountains of Guadarrama, there are a large number of shelters and camping to disconnect from the trajín of the capital. A getaway that will allow you to deploy your tent with views of endless peaks, meadows, and ponds where you can refresh yourself.


You will also find a series of routes and trails for excursions and enjoy nature in a stone’s throw.

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