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Tips to stand out in Pinterest you must try

When Pinterest came up a few years ago, it was a real fever among netizens. Everyone created pins, followed friends, and discovered the ease of finding visual references and organizing them in one place.

Over time (and with the appearance of new features in other social networks ), Pinterest came to be known as a niche social network, where segments such as decoration and beauty stood out. That description does not quite match reality, and if you left Pinterest aside for thinking like that, you may be missing out on interesting business opportunities.

It turns out that the Pinterest still attracts a very expressive audience, and the most tuned marketers have noticed it. With attractive pins, you can gain a lot of prominence within the Pinterest community, and the best: you can attract hundreds (or thousands) of new users to your site on a daily basis.

Every day 54 million new pins are published, and no less than 93% of Pinterest users have already used the site to plan or make new purchases.

But how to seduce this audience? This is what we are going to discuss today, with tips to stand out in Pinterest and increase traffic on your website or blog. It is not enough to publish an image and hope that it stands out, it is necessary to post with strategy. Continue reading and check out:

Use large imagesPinterest

Use ample images to help your pins stand out in the real crowd of Pinterest pins. Your image will be resized on all devices, but to have a good quality image , the ideal size is 735 pixels wide by 1100 pixels long.

Abuse of redPinterest

Use the red color on your pins as much as possible. Pins that use this color get a higher response rate and more repins than those with lighter colors. Use pinterest quotes for higher response.

Make your site friendly to Pinterest usersPinterest

Make sure the content and images from your e-commerce are large enough to be shared on Pinterest. You could also consider duplicating your images – a wide picture to illustrate your post and a vertical image to encourage sharing in Pinterest. In alt text of all your images, customize a description that will help users easily share your content. Be sure to install an IT PIN button on your site for quick and easy sharing. Continue reading-  Top 10 Tips Safe Car Hire & Cheap Travel

Share your own content on PinterestPinterest

Do not expect users to share your content, do it yourself. Make sure that all your images point to your site, directly to the page where that product or content can be found. Use a thoughtful or humorous phrase to describe the image to attract users and persuade them to click on your site.

Enrich your messagePinterest

Post other content and products that enhance your brand message. Help your community grow by highlighting interesting and useful information in your area. Increase the relevance of your product with accessories that complement them.

Content curation

Share content lively, informative and encouraging you know your audience love. This is a great opportunity to show you how well you know your community and increase its relevance to Pinterest.

Organize your folders

These folders – also known as boards – are the categories of your pins. Add different folders for different product lines. Or use separate folders to answer different questions your community often asks. The possibilities are endless!

Create a folder for each person

Folders are also a perfect way to create content for each of your personas, in a more personalized way. If your target audience is the busy mom, the executive or the retiree, you can easily separate the content that would attract each of them into different folders.

Install the fast post button on your browser

Pinterest offers a quick post button that you can install in your browser. This button makes you post quickly, without wasting time to fetch content for your boards. In this way, you can add content to your folders frequently without wasting time.

Share your pins on other social networks

Post the URL and description of a pin on Twitter to encourage your followers to join you on Pinterest as well. Post an interesting story on Facebook with a pin link to increase engagement on both platforms simultaneously.

Promote Your PinsPinterest

Promoted pins look like all others, but they work like ads: you pay for Pinterest so it’s seen by more people. Pinterest recently added a feature where you can promote your content quickly and easily, as we already do on Facebook.

Use Pinterest Video

Videos are the Internet’s biggest trend, and Pinterest has not been left out. Over the past year, users have saved 60% more videos than the previous year. Because videos work especially well on the platform, consider posting them to your profile.

Interact with customers through comments

The Pinterest is so visual that it can be easy to forget the comments. But do not do that. It is important that you respond to comments. There is nothing more discouraging than a series of questions and comments from users without any response from the brand. Use pinterest quotes through comments.

for higher response.

Create Community Boards

Community boards are a great way to reach new followers, expand your reach, and get more content without having to create it yourself. To create a community board, all you have to do is invite people to one of your folders. Once the board is active, you will have to monitor it regularly to make sure there is no inappropriate content.

View your profile stats on Pinterest

Check statistics often to see which pins are getting the most interaction, which pins are driving the most traffic to your site, and which pins are being overreacted. This way you will understand which content works best in Pinterest, and will achieve even better results.

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