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11 keys to Keep in Mind When Buying a Computer

The processor, memory, graphics card and screen type are some of the issues that should be considered before purchasing a laptop or desktop. A detailed guide on these and other items

While cell phones are devices preferred by users because they are increasingly larger capacity and functions, the fact remains that computers are still essential for many issues. Whether to edit photos or videos, to update portals, keep accounting records or develop programs, it is essential to have a computer with sufficient capacity and performance.


Making a smart investment is vital because they are teams that, usually, the user expects not to have to change in three or five years. Hence it is important to be clear about what users are going to be given to the device and, based on that, to find the necessary requirements to carry out those tasks. Consulted by Infobae, Matías Vilas, computer consultant, shared some issues that are worth analyzing before making this type of purchases.

  1. Portable or desktop computer?

    11 keys to keep in mind when buying a computer
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Undoubtedly, this is the first question that needs to be asked. If you are going to use the computer permanently and space is available, then it is best to opt for a desktop. It is that way you can get a good team at a better price. The laptop is always more expensive, so if you do not want to spend more money, a desktop is an answer. On the other hand, being bigger, they have more powerful fans that will allow to keep the equipment fresh and, therefore, to obtain a good level of performance.

Of course if one is going to use the device in an itinerant way, then there is not much to do but resort to a laptop. Of course, it is essential to choose one that allows you to adjust the brightness of the screen to avoid damaging the view.

  1. Some aspects of laptops

    11 keys to keep in mind when buying a computer
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The two in one: some allow you to extract the screen to use it as if it were a tablet, others rotate 360 degrees but can not be removed. They are comfortable and multipurpose, although usually the capacity and performance are similar to many laptops, but they are more expensive.

Ultrabooks: they are characterized by being quite thin and comfortable to carry from one place to another. It has the touchscreen and SSD or hybrid disks.

11 keys to keep in mind when buying a computer
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Chromebooks: they are economical and that’s why they are gaining in popularity. It has a fast power-up (takes 8 seconds to power on) and works with the ChromeOS operating system, which is constantly updated. The contra is that it does not have a storage unit and everything is saved in the cloud, with which it is necessary to be connected to the network permanently. Also, not all applications are supported.

  1. The processor

    11 keys to keep in mind when buying a computer
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This is the heart or brain of the computer. It is basically the central operations. If you are looking for a computer that runs fast, does not crash and does tasks effectively and in a short time, then you have to look at the features of this component very carefully.

One of the factors to consider is the number of cores. Each is able to process data independently, so it is assumed that the more there is, the better. It is also necessary to consider that each of these cores can process one or two lines of execution (threads) simultaneously.

If you can run two threads, it is understood that it virtual duplicates the working capacity. Thus, a processor with two cores that, in turn, has two threads per core has better performance than two cores that only run one thread each. This type of technology is called hyperthreading and is a fundamental feature of the processor.

However, the amount can not be analyzed in isolation. It is vital, too, to consider the frequency or speed of work. The greater the number, the better the performance. This factor is expressed in GHz. Thus, between, for example, an i3 of 3 GHz and another of the same type but of 2.8 GHz, the first one will be faster.


There are some processors that have the “turbo” option. This means that the chip increases speed when there is a high workload. But it is only for those determined cases and not most of the time.

  1. Cache memory

    11 keys to keep in mind when buying a computer
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It is a place where memory is stored and then used to process data. It’s like a kind of waiting room. In this case, too, the higher the number, the better because it will be able to optimize the chip’s performance.

  1. The overclocking detail

Overclocking means “on the clock” and refers to the process of increasing the speed at which the CPU runs and on the graphics card (GPU) in a normal state.

In case you plan to do this, you have to opt for a processor that allows you to perform this function. In the case of Intel, for example, this alternative is blocked on most models except for those with the letter K in the name.


  1. Graphics card (GPU)

    11 keys to keep in mind when buying a computer
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A distinction must be made between those who are integrated and those who are independent. The former can be used seamlessly to perform most tasks, but in case you are going to use the computer for multimedia editing or playing video games, it is better to opt for a GPU that has a separate chip.


As for the manufacturers, some of the maximum brilliant is NVIDIA. For intermediate use, you may choose a GPU GTX 950M or 960M. And in case you need to make a qualitative jump, then you need to reflect consideration on the GTX 970M or GTX980M.


AMDs are exact but have a decrease overall performance than NVIDIA. There is distinct tiers and collection. The greater the quantity, the extra the electricity.


AMD also has transportable GPUs with desirable performance, despite the fact that they stay a touch beneath those of NVIDIA. It has the levels R5, R7, and R9, from lowest to maximum overall performance. within each range is the collection 2 hundred and 300, every with numerous GPUs. The extra numbering, the more electricity.

  1. RAM reminiscence

    11 keys to keep in mind when buying a computer
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you have to suppose at least of a device that has 4 GB. If you could make investments a bit, it pays to leap to eight. if you are going to apply it to play, then yes, it ought to now not fall underneath 16 GB.


take into account that the greater reminiscence you’ve got, the more the intake and, therefore, the heat generated by the device. therefore, it is vital that the housing is greater (17 inches) and has ok ventilation to use up the extra temperature.


8. Display screen

11 keys to keep in mind when buying a computer
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Length: on one facet is the topic of comfort. in case you want to take the system from one aspect to some other, ideally, it has 14 inches at maximum. despite the fact that in case you are going to apply loads for enhancing snap shots and films, for example, then the exceptional is a display that is between 15 and 17 inches.

decision: with a complete HD already has a fairly precise resolution, however people who need the satisfactory can consider UHD or 4K screens that have a decision of 3180 x 2160 pixels.

Tactile: Many laptops offer this option. the ones which are two in a single, for example, via permitting disassembly of the equipment may be separated the display of the keyboard to use as a tablet. So in those cases usually the screen is touch.

There are other problems that can be chosen as curved design, that is extremely-thin or that has features to lower the brightness of the screen with the intention to guard the view.


  1. Tough disk

space is prime. that is measured in revolutions in keeping with minute (rpm). And as in preceding cases, the bigger the wide variety, the better. this is to mention that if one disc is going to five, four hundred rpm and some other to 7,2 hundred rpm, the second is faster.


solid disks or SSDs are an excellent desire due to the fact they run faster and devour less. That sure: growth the fee of the terminal.


  1. Peripherals

USB 2.zero and three.zero ports : all computer systems have USB ports. you have to see how many you want them to have and so that it will rely on the extras you need to hook up with the laptop. The difference between USB 2.0 and three.0 is the rate in facts transfer.

HDMI: in case you need to connect the gadget to the tv, this can be fundamental.

SD slot: it may be beneficial to without delay down load images from the digicam and video to the computer. SD cards also can serve to increase memory to the computer and hence accelerate the machine.

11. The working gadget

you can select Linux, home windows or Mac (only available for Mac computers). each has its advantages and downsides. The maximum beneficial is to use the working machine with which one is already at ease. it’s miles often tough to get aware of a very one-of-a-kind interface and functions.

hence, the overall-frame complete frame gives a greater sensitive place than the APS-C sensors provide . Which translates into being able to capture a area of higher scene. in case you are simply getting started out, the recommendation is to opt for an APS-C sensor digital camera , if you want to provide you with outstanding picture fine and save you cash by using being less expensive.

extra megapixels does not suggest it is a higher camera

The number of megapixels of a digital camera is the quantity of factors that a digital camera is able to shooting in a given scene. however, this does not necessarily imply that a bigger wide variety of pixels will result in a better digital camera or better photograph nice.

The quantity of megapixels only offers you an idea of the size of the photographs taken, but now not of the extra or lesser constancy of the photograph with admire to the scene portrayed. the bigger the size of the pictures in pixels, the bigger the dimensions you can make prints without dropping first-class .

What you in no way ought to overlook is that without an good enough lens the nice of the photographs will not be suitable and this has to be the most critical element within the digicam of your choice. The ultra-modern cameras which have come to market have the important quantity of megapixels which you want.

It in no way hurts to don’t forget shopping for a used digital camera

The cameras have a giant length in years . Many professional photographers have cameras that are up to six years vintage and feature excessive picture satisfactory.

In fact, the more recent ones do now not take better pix, but add new features including adaptability to paintings in excessive conditions, better burst charges, quicker and more accurate autofocus, can movie movies, include wi-fi, and many others.

that is why in case you are just beginning in the global of images and your finances is a little tight, absolutely buying a used digital camera will be a great desire . There are very good offers on these forms of cameras and also you just have to ensure they’ve the information that we’ve referred to as crucial.

eventually, we understand that you have a lot to consider in order to make the right choice on which camera to shop for. we’ve attempted to cowl a number of the applicable points that will help you get one .

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