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How to make sure your gift doesn’t end up in the attic

Whenever you throw a big event such as: a milestone birthday, baby shower, christening or wedding, there are gifts involved. And when the event is this big, you’ll get a lot of presents. Some of them will be very personal and practical, while others will just end up in your attic or basement. So how do you make sure that the next time you buy someone a gift, it doesn’t end up in a dark and dusty corner? Well, we’ve got just the right ideas for you. In this article, we’re giving you some tips and tricks on how to get useful gifts for any event. Read along and we guarantee you’ll end up online shopping and planning ideas after this article.

The three musketeers of gift giving

In order to make sure that your gift will be well received and loved, you have to tick at least one box out of three: personal, practical, and funny. If your gift has any of these qualities, it will surely be a good one. Let’s take a look at them.


For a personal gift, you need to know the people very well. Whether it’s a birthday or a wedding, make sure you are close enough to them. The personal gifts can be anything from photo albums, personalized or handmade gifts. For handmade gifts, check out Pinterest to get inspired. Gather some ideas on what they like and get creative with a personal present that will remind them of you forever.


If you’re going to a wedding for example, and you know the weds have mentioned needing something, get that! A practical gift should be something that they’ll buy anyway so you’re making their life easier. Some things to keep in mind: make sure nobody else is getting the same thing and make sure they don’t already have what you want to get them.


Funny gifts are something that go well by themselves or with something serious, for a fun touch. First of all, make sure you’re doing this for close friends only, and ones who appreciate a strong sense of humor. There are plenty of ways to make funny christening gifts, wedding presents or birthday surprises. Anything from a funny onesie to matching T-shirts or bibs from this selection can make a good christening gift for example. You just have to get creative and let the fun take over.

Know when to give up

If you can’t come up with any gift ideas that fall into the categories mentioned above, you need to know when to give up. Getting someone a filler present when you’re out of ideas will probably make it end up tossed in a corner. It’s better to just stick to money in this case. So accept the defeat and give up. You’ll be ready for the next event and you’ll surely make up for it.

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