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What is Yoast SEO and how does SEO improve in WordPress

Yoast SEO was launched to the digital market in 2010 by Joost de Valk. And from that year to date, the platform has been evolving to make things easier for its users.

From the moment you add Yoast to your WordPress page you can create content without forgetting SEO (Search Engine Optimization). With which you can take care of the elements necessary to optimize your presence in search engines.

Yoast offers the service on a paid or free basis. It allows you to know, improve and regulate some rules determined by the search engines. According to your digital marketing strategy and thus accelerate the traffic of your website.

Yoast SEO and how does SEO improve in WordPress

1. The most important characteristics of Yoast’s analysis are:Yoast SEO

The performance of keywords or keywords, which is crucial to position a site on the internet. Because users usually perform random searches on different topics. And search engines like Google are responsible for providing their users with more information outstanding and with better positioning.

For a web page to be among the main results. It is necessary to comply with the minimum standards of SEO  or all the work. The investment of money and time allocated to a web project will not have been worth it.

Keywords are very important for Internet traffic because people do not frequently search for a specific page. They do so by means of phrases that lead them to the information they need. Nowadays they are not the only factor that influences to stand out. But they are still the fundamental axis of SEO.

Search engines like Google, every day update their search algorithms to advance in terms of how to position the pages according to the quality and authority of the content.

Now the issue has become increasingly democratic because the users have competence in the decision. Each time people share information on social networks. And also refer to their own content links to other pages these are gaining value and relevance for search engines.

2. Analysis of the legibility of the text in Yoast:Yoast SEO

This is another of the important evaluations made by the application, based on the scientific study of points Flesch Reading Ease, a guide to make your content digestible for people who daily research the network.

It is proven that web consumers have mostly adopted a culture of text scanning, not reading. Therefore, the content must be adapted to this type of person.

Yoast recommends writing short phrases with a maximum of 20 words and suggests that the paragraphs have not been so extensive to make reading more fluent.

Among the legibility also evaluates the good use of transition words, which link one paragraph with another and gives continuity to the ideas, this will make reading more understandable. Continue reading- Don’t damage your SEO with these common design mistakes

3. Use of subtitles and content analysisYoast SEO

It is very important for Yoast Seo that readers do not lose the thread of the content, that main idea and secondary ideas that complement an article. So it’s vital that there are subtitles that organize the ideas.

Yoast recommends a maximum of 300 words between one subtitle and another, after that limit, the text may become tedious and lose interest.

The application helps you analyze the type of speech you are generating, recommends the use of the active voice, which indicates action, and is the most appropriate for articles on the internet.

People today do not want to give many detours, you want to get information quickly, from the title and the first paragraph you must tell them what you are talking about, otherwise, you will never have the attention.

4. Check out these Yoast SEO tips that you should knowYoast SEO

The title of your articles must contain the keyword, which is the core and represents the main idea of what you are talking about.

Edit the slug, the tool recommends that it not belong to be visible on mobile devices and PCs, also that it contains the keyword, and that it matches your URL address.

Analyze the meta description of your content, in that window, use to include a brief introduction to the topic you are publishing, that will improve your SEO.

Yoast provides you with a preview of mobile devices and PCs of your publication, so you can appreciate more easily that it looks good or not.

The images you use must be free of copyright and must have the URL of the page where you are publishing, plus you must add a brief legend, which should refer to the subject you are talking about, a title, and should weigh less of 100 k.

5. Yoast semaphore SEOYoast SEO

The tool has a particular way of indicating if you are doing things right. You have a traffic light that has three colors:

Green: You’re doing excellent

Orange: Needs improvement, but is acceptable

Rojo: Without a doubt, you have a problem to solve.

Ideally, all points are green, so you know you have an article that meets the standards. And can compete in the market and generate good traffic.

The positive thing about this SEO corrector is that it makes it easier for you to carry out a strategy according to the needs of your brand. If you want to see articles that have been made taking as a reference the tips described here you can visit -jeandevenish.com. And see how the structure proposed by Yoast SEO is.

This tool is ideal for pages that generate articles and that seek to position a brand with written content. Other formats such as spaces for videos, photographs. Or other types of text may not need it for your SEO strategy. Everything depends on the strategy generated by the brand.

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