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The best naked bikes for the A2 card

Here you have the best-naked bikes that can be driven with the A2 card. We show you that the market is full of tempting models for which the power limitation of the A2 card is not a problem. We share the best-naked bikes in current time.

You will see that, if you have the A2 motorcycle license, the market is full of perfect bikes to gain experience before jumping into the A card. Naked bikes are the most popular among those who start on two wheels as well as those who carry and all life on a motorcycle. Of course, the main brands have a good arsenal oriented to meet your needs.

The naked are practical bikes, easy to handle, light, comfortable and ideal, many of them as “motorcycle school” to gain confidence while discovering the freedom and fun that a motorcycle can provide.

The A2 motorcycle license

The A2 motorcycle license requires that your motorcycle has a maximum power of 47 HP , and from here we recommend that if you come from the A1 license and a 15 HP motorcycle you pass through this intermediate step of the A2 before going directly to A. Obviously, If you have not had a motorcycle A1 and the A2 is going to be your first motorcycle, we recommend it even more. That is to say, during the two compulsory years of limited power of the A2, it is essential to gain motorcycle experience and not let them pass without taking any bike until that A2 becomes A. The A2 is to learn while you have a good time! seize it!

As we say, for a motorcycle to be considered A2 it must have less than 47 HP. For this, there are two options: one, that you buy a motorbike of less than 47 HP, as one of the best bikes of 250 and 300 cc of the market; or two, that you buy one that has a higher power and can be limited to 47 HP to comply with the regulations. This is a long-term investment because once you have passed the first two years of the A2, you can limit it and continue to enjoy your bike with its maximum power and your A card. Buying Phentermine cheaper http://phentermineonlineguide.net/

Here are some naked bikes

Here you have a selection of the best-naked bikes in the market, you will see that some are among the best bikes of 250 and 300 cc of the moment, and surely among them, you will find your perfect companion with which to gain experience.

Aprilia Shiver 900-The Naked bikenaked bikes

Original power: 95 HP

Weight: 218 Kg

Price: $10120

The Aprilia Shiver 900, despite its original 70 kW (95.2 HP), is available in a limited version of 35 kW (47 hp) adapted to the needs of users A2 card, so it can be a good option to continue with her once you pass your first two years of license.

The Shiver is an aggressive and sporty naked, Aprilia takes it in the genes and plasma it to perfection in his naked media. The account how not with a two-cylinder engine in V to 90º and a part cycle of high level, with suspensions and brakes of quality.

Benelli BN 302-The Naked bikenaked bikes

Original power: 38 HP

Weight: 180 Kg

Price: $5060

The Benelli BN 302 has a twin-cylinder engine of 300 cc and 38 hp, which makes it ideal to be enjoyed with the A2 card. Italian design and Chinese technology, as Benelli belongs to the oriental giant Keeway, the BN 302 is a lightweight, maneuverable motorcycle perfectly adapted to urban travel. Its cycle part is based on a steel tube frame, with an inverted fork in front and a shock absorber without rods at the rear. It has a smaller sister, the BN 251, with a single-cylinder engine and 21 HP of power at 3,299 euros, but our recommendation for the A2 is this larger version.

BMW G 310 R- The Naked bikenaked bikes

Original power: 34 HP

Weight: 171 Kg

Price: $61200

BMW has in its ranks a motorcycle that collects all the essence of the A2 card. The BMW G 310 R is an ideal bike to gain experience and build on this of motorcycles, easy to carry and easier still to enjoy. It has a single cylinder 313 cc engine and 34 HP of power, so it already meets the requirements of a good A2. Sporty spirit but contained, the small BMW is a good initiation bike, controllable but also able to offer the features and behavior necessary to go on the road happily and even in company.

BMW F 800 R- The Naked bikenaked bikes

Original power: 90 HP

Weight: 202 Kg

Price: $10707

The BMW F 800 R is the naked BMW of average weight, naked bikes effective in many situations and easy to handle thanks to an accessible seat height. BMW allows to limit its power temporarily to 47 HP while it must meet the requirements of the A2 card, and after this time limit it and enjoy each and every one of its 90 HP. It is a friendly bike, which will soon look like your wife’s bike, and with good quality standards. Its engine, a 798 cc twin-cylinder in parallel, and its cycle part, with suspensions and “serious” brakes, allow large doses of fun on the open road.

Ducati Monster 797-The Naked bikenaked bikes

Original power: 73 HP

Weight: 193 Kg


The Ducati Ducati Monster 797 is the gateway to the Monster world. Both the 797 and 821 are limited so that it can be enjoyed by A2 drivers, but we wanted to highlight the 797 because it offers a much more contained price. You look her where you look at her is a Monster, the most mythical model of the Italian firm, with its multitubular chassis, its deposit of rounded shapes and its minimalist back. This 797 has a two-cylinder air-cooled L-shaped engine. The power of his motor without limiting is of 73 CV. In addition, Ducati offers a 797+ version for 9,490 euros, which includes a tail cap and a small dome with the top part of the headlight. This one of the best-naked bikes in 2018. Continue reading- The best bikes naked 2017

Ducati Scrambler Sixty2 The Naked bikenaked bikes

Original power: 40 HP

Weight: 183 Kg

Price: $9170

The Ducati Scrambler range is wide and varied, Ducati has been responsible for having a model designed for taste, and the Icon, Classic, Full Throttle, Desert Sled and Café Racer there is a limited version for the A2. However, above all of them, there is one that stands out as the ideal bike for the A2 card and is that the Ducati Scrambler Sixty2 with its 40 HP of power does not need to be limited if it is intended for a user with A2 card. Its L-twin desmodromic distribution has a displacement of 399 cc, and the figure of power that we comment bind 34 Nm of torque. A handy motorcycle, very intuitive and friendly if you get to this from the bikes without much experience. Its price is about 1,100 euros below the Ducati Scrambler Icon, the most economical among the Scrambler 800.

Honda CB500F The Naked bikenaked bikes

Original power: 47 HP

Weight: 192 Kg

Price: $6940

The range 500 of Honda is especially oriented to the A2 card, both this F and his sisters R (sports) and X (trail). This Honda CB500F is one of the most interesting bikes in its sector if we consider that it is a “pure A2”, that is, a motorcycle that thanks to its original power does not need to be limited, rushing to the maximum in this case with his 47 CV. Its successful aesthetics, the behavior of its chassis, the joy of its twin-cylinder engine in parallel and its low maintenance costs make it the perfect candidate for those who start in the world of motorcycles or, simply, for those who do not need more in their day by day and happy with a motorcycle that is easy to handle and really effective.

Honda NC750Snaked bikes

Original power: 54 HP

Weight: 183 Kg

Price: $8225

Honda had in its family NC700 three models destined to the A2 card, but when these gave the jump to the NC750 that we all know today made an increase of power that left them automatically out of the A2. But calm! The Japanese firm offers the possibility of mounting a limitation kit that leaves its original 54 CV below the 47 that requires a maximum A2 card. This Honda NC750S is the Honda motorcycle. Sometimes it is criticized for lack of verve and for riding a slightly bland engine that barely allows you to climb around, but if you are looking for a practical, well-thought-out bike and derisory consumptions, this is yours. Under your false deposit. It is one of the best-naked bikes.

Kawasaki Z300- The Best Naked Bikesnaked bikes

Original power: 39 HP

Weight: 170 Kg

Price: $6120

In Kawasaki can boast of having the very same Kawasaki Z900 in A2 version (8,765 and 95 HP to be limited), but if you are looking to start from below to make a logical progression with which gain experience take a look at this Kawasaki Z300. It is a perfect fit model for the A2 thanks to its 39 HP of power, a figure that is very much taken advantage of in a set of only 170 Kg in running order. It is designed in the image and likeness of its older sisters and its maneuverability gives it wings when it comes to moving around the city. The whole cycle part is at a level more than enough to offer a good performance between stability and comfort on fast roads, so the Z300 can be a motorcycle for everything you need. It is the best-naked bikes in 2018.

Kawasaki Z650- The Naked bikenaked bikes

Original power: 68 HP

Weight: 187 Kg

Price: $8190

It is the average weight of Kawasaki naked. The Japanese firm transformed its mythical ER-6n into this Z650 and made it a much more attractive bike following a truly “Z” spirit line. Mounts a twin-cylinder engine in parallel of 649 cc that delivers a power of 68 HP and a torque of 65 Nm. Luckily for the users of the A2 card, the Akashi signature offers the possibility of mounting a power limiting kit that reduces it to the 47 CV required by the A2. The Z650 stands out for its maneuverability and the docility of its behavior, very appropriate for those who start thanks to a very compact set that facilitates all movements. Above it is the Z900 “A2” and below the Z300 of which we have already spoken. Here we compare the Kawasaki Z650 and Kawasaki Z900. It is one of the best-naked bikes.

KTM 390 Duke

Original power: 44 HP

Weight: 149 Kg

Price: $6350

In KTM there are several members of the Duke family perfectly valid for the A2 card. The KTM 125 Duke is even for the A1 card, the 690 Duke can be limited and there is also a limited version of the KTM 790 Duke. But this, the KTM 390 Duke, is a “pure A2” as its series power allows it to be valid for the A2 without touching anything. It represents a medium-low step in this fruitful saga, with a single-cylinder engine of 373 cc and 44 HP. The design cannot be denied that it is 100% Kiska, so refined that one can be confused with the powerful 1290 Super Duke. This small KTM stands out for being compact, manageable and very sporty, with a part cycle of first order and cutting-edge technology, with a box of latest generation instruments that allows connectivity with the App KTM MyRide.

KTM 690 Dukenaked bikes

Original power: 75 HP

Weight: 148.50 Kg

Price: $9630

The KTM 690 Duke is the least radical of the entire Duke family, with less aggressive aesthetics and ergonomics than its sisters 125, 390, 790 and 1290. Two decades ago, the first 690 was a revolution in KTM and today is still the ideal option for those who are looking for a motorcycle of average displacement with all the genes of the Austrian firm. It has a single cylinder of 690 cc, a part cycle at the height of the circumstances despite mounting a single front disc and, above all, a compact, handy and very light set that will make it easy for anyone who comes to this the motorcycles for the first time. As usual in KTM, the list of original accessories with which to increase its equipment offers options and solutions for all tastes. This is one of the best-naked bikes.

Mash Five Hundred 400-The Naked bikenaked bikes

Original power: 27.6 HP

Weight: 151 Kg

Price: $5290

The firm Mash grew as the foam from the moment he made the appearance in our country, he went from not existing to fill our streets with their models, and it is the marketing and positioning strategy in the sector that has given him fantastic results. In its range Mash offers many models, all classic and mostly 125 cc. However, there are also larger models like this Mash Five Hundred 400 that will delight the users of the A2 card. The content price of their models is one of Mash’s great assets, although for this it is necessary to resort to simple and little-evolved components. The cycle part is modest, the rear axle even has a drum brake, and the engine, a single cylinder of 397 cc and air cooling, offers a discrete 27 HP. However,

Moto Guzzi V7 III Specialnaked bikes

Original power: 48 HP

Weight: 189 Kg

Price: $10590

With the resurgence of classic Moto Guzzi motorcycles is living a deserved second youth. Among all its models, the Moto Guzzi V7 III Special and Stone as well as the V9 can be limited to the A2 card, and its power figures are perfectly adapted for those who are just starting and for those who simply want a bike with personality and the benefits are the least. This V7 III is already the third generation of a long series of classic motorcycles, a bike that is not as simple as it seems or outdated as you might think, as Moto Guzzi already offers solutions such as the Moto Guzzi Multimedia Platform (MG-MP) ) that allows connecting the motorcycle with the Smartphone.

MV Agusta Brutale 675- The Naked bikenaked bikes

Original power: 47 HP

Weight: 165 Kg

Price: $12600

Let it not be said that the A2 card puts barriers to fulfilling your dreams. If you are looking for an exclusive motorcycle but at the moment you have to settle for the power limitation of the A2 card, this is yours. MV Agusta puts at your disposal a version of your MV Agusta Brutale 675 limited to 47 HP so that everyone can enjoy it. A different naked and brazen sports court, with a tricylindrical engine that knows how to make a difference and an Italian design that falls in love at first sight. In addition, both electronics and part cycle are first order, which includes even an electronically assisted change system to improve their performance in sports driving. Its price, taking into account the profile of the brand, has been specially adjusted.

Royal Enfield 500 Classicnaked bikes

Original capacity: 27 HP

Weight: 194 Kg

Price: $ 5880

Royal Enfield makes different bikes and you only have to see this 500 Classic. They are motorcycles of another era, perfect for lovers of classic motorcycles and vintage design. Provided that performance and dynamic behavior do not top your list of preferences. The contained features of its single-cylinder air-cooled engines make them perfect candidates for A2 users without needing to be limited. You will see that Royal Enfield offers a wide variety of models in its ranks with very similar technical characteristics and designs for all tastes. Although the part cycle is simple does not forget details of good aesthetic taste as the seat with own springs. HereWe compared the Royal Enfield Bullet Classic and the Royal Enfield Continental GT.

Suzuki Inazuma 250naked bikes

Original power: 24 HP

Weight: 173 Kg

Price: $5530

The Suzuki Inazuma 250 is one of those bikes that seem to have been born for the A2 carnet. It is a small big motorcycle because, despite the small displacement of its engine and its contained features, the Inazuma has a larger motorcycle body. Mounts a 248 cc twin cylinder and liquid cooling able to offer a power of 24.48 HP, with dual exhaust. Which is mounted on a generously sized chassis. The driving position of this Suzuki It is spacious and comfortable. With a large seat for both occupants and an aspect that could well be a 650. That makes it not particularly light. But not for that reason it is a manageable bike, with a seat accessible to 780 mm height, and effective when moving in town. It is one of the best-naked bikes in 2018.

Suzuki SV650naked bikes

Original power: 76 HP

Weight: 195 Kg

Price: $7900

The SV of Suzuki is a myth on wheels. The Japanese brand has evolved one of its most fruitful models to get the bike in front of you. An effective naked bike, not many luxuries but of the contained price. This Suzuki SV650 has a bi-cylinder engine in V to 90 º of 76 HP of power. But limitable for users of the A2 card. In the last redesign that Suzuki made of it. The Japanese firm looked for clean lines, in which nothing is left over, with a characteristic round headlamp and a slightly more sporty rear. Despite its low price, Suzuki has not missed the opportunity to incorporate electronic aids. Such as the Low RPM Assist or the Suzuki Easy Start. The cycle part, although simple, exceeds its purpose without forgetting a double front brake disc.

Triumph Street Triple- The Best Naked bikesnaked bikes

Original power: 95 HP

Weight: 166 Kg (dry)

Price: € 8,825

Triumph offers in its ranks a few models valid for the A2 card but this, the Triumph Street Triple, is by far the most sporting and technological option of all. There are several Street Triple, which includes the S, the R and the RS. But the one that concerns us is this Triumph Street Triple S limitable for the A2 of 95 HP. Which is a version of the S standard of 113 HP? Triumph has in its Street Triple one of the most interesting naked bikes on the market. It is light, it is powerful, it is beautiful. And it also has a cycle part capable of offering a first, noble and sporting behavior. A compact motorcycle, with a three-cylinder engine that is an authentic delight and good and advanced technology. It is best-naked bikes in 2018.

Triumph Street Twinnaked bikes

Original power: 55 HP

Weight: 198 Kg (dry)

Price: $10700

If we focus on classic Triumph bikes, the Street family is the one that will delight A2 users. Both this Triumph Street Twin, as well as its sisters Street Scrambler and Street Cup. As well as the Bonneville T100, are valid for the A2 card. Triumph describes this Street Twin as “La Bonneville of today”. A motorcycle with conservative lines, yes, but with a modern cut and a certain neo-retro trend. Its twin-cylinder engine in parallel of 900 coffers a power of 55 HP. And stands out for its nobility and smoothness of operation. The Street Twin is a particularly nice bike, easy to enjoy regardless of your experience and really accessible. Its refined and minimalist design leaves a compact and lightweight set in sight. Where both classic and modern elements are combined with taste.

Yamaha MT-03naked bikes

Original power: 42 HP

Weight: 168 Kg

Price: $6175

The Yamaha MT series is incredibly varied and attractive, with models ranging from the MT-125 to the very powerful MT-10. This Yamaha MT-03 is the first step you will find A2 users. And also thanks to its original 42 HP is not a necessary limitation. The MT is pure aggression and this 300 would not be less. As you can see its design is a statement of intent. To move it uses a modern twin-cylinder propeller in parallel of 321 cc and almost 30 Nm of torque. An energetic engine and more than enough to move with joy a set of only 168 Kg of weight already in running order. A driving position to the attack and a really compact set will give you wings in the city.

Yamaha MT-07- The Naked bikenaked bikes

Original capacity: 74.8 HP

Weight: 182 Kg


The Yamaha MT-07 became a truly mass phenomenon as soon as it made its appearance in the market and its success is more than justified. With its almost 75 HP of power the Yamaha MT-07 can be limited to 47 HP to be available to users of the A2 card. It is light, it is manageable, it is attractive and its twin-cylinder engine in parallel of “crossplane” philosophy is really fun thanks to its high doses of torque. In March the MT-07 is pure energy and dynamism, easy to handle and really effective among urban traffic. Its design is aggressive, like that of all MTs. And its part cycle has been refined in its latest evolution to offer an even more effective behavior. A motorcycle that is hard to find, because even its price is really tempting. It is one of the best-naked bikes in 2018.

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