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Why undergo a hair transplant?

Hair loss and alopecia problems affect 50% of men and 25% of women at some point in life. Based on these values and according to a study conducted by the Academy of Dermatology and AEDV, in Germany (for example) one man out of three suffers from hair loss.

Nor should we forget that, according to the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), and considering that the appearance of alopecia is increasingly due to non-genetic causes. The number of women suffering from hair loss is increasing day by day.

Hair loss represents only the passage of time for some, but others are psychologically influenced at various levels, both for self-esteem and for the way they relate to others.

However, the reasons that can lead someone with alopecia problems to consider a hair transplant are many, so the question would not be “Why get your hair transplanted?”, But “Why not?”

The advances in medicine and cutting-edge scientists in the field of aesthetics now offer very effective solutions available for everyone. Why not use them?

Therefore, the benefits and advantages of the implant or hair graft offered by Capilclinic compared to other treatments are undeniable.

  • The hair used for hair transplants are obtained from the same patient, so there is no risk of rejection
  • It is performed in a single one-day session. The procedure lasts an average of seven or eight hours and up to 5000 follicular units can be implanted in this time frame
  • It is a painless treatment performed under local anesthesia
  • The results can be verified by the patient immediately
  • Between the fourth and sixth months, grafted hair grows continuously
  • There is no difference between grafted hair and others. They will not require different treatment because it is the patient’s own hair that has been transferred to another area of his head
  • There will be no marks or scars on the head
  • The insert, micro insert or hair implant is a totally safe, proven and approved surgical practice that is effective on thousands of patients worldwide.

What is the best age to undergo a hair transplant?

First of all, we must keep in mind that not all people are ideal candidates for hair transplantation.

An expert in the field will determine the suitability or otherwise of each patient, considering various factors:

  • Width of the area you want to cover (receiving area)
  • Number of hair follicles present in each follicular unit of the candidate
  • Sex, ethnicity to which it belongs
  • Hair color

In addition to these, there are two decisive factors to successfully face implant or hair transplant surgery …

  • That the patient enjoys good health
  • That it has a good donating area, dense, with healthy and quality hair

Always bearing in mind that hair transplantation has an aesthetic character, every moment is good and any age is adequate.

However, although it is technically feasible to perform hair grafts at any age, due to some factors we will see now, most experts prefer to intervene between 30 and 40 years.

The new implant ology techniques, as well as the sophisticated surgical equipment currently used, have evolved so much that it is no longer an essential requirement for the patient to be in a phase of advanced or totally bald alopecia. And so, some of the most advanced procedures developed today (FUE Technique, Follicular Unit Extraction), offer the possibility of inserting the transplanted hair into poorly populated areas of the patient, giving it greater density immediately and also avoiding advanced baldness.

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