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Traditional office v co-working space: the benefits

In a traditional office environment, you have your own dedicated work space. Employees are afforded the opportunity to work in a quiet, private office area without having added distractions. Co-working spaces are becoming increasing popular as more businesses go for modern approaches. However, there are some disadvantages to having a shared working environment.

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There are disadvantages to having traditional offices

There are some disadvantages to having a traditional layout. All operating costs such as the internet, utilities and cleaning fees all have to be paid for. The cost of having a reception area and desks and chairs for the entire team also have to be factored in. As well as paying to maintain the areas, they will have to be staffed.

When considering whether you want a co-working set-up or traditional office space, it’s important to bear in mind and think about which pros outweigh the cons for the company. If you are a new start-up, or if you just want to keep costs down, agreements of a shorter duration will suit. The best option therefore is a co-working space. However, if you are happy to take on the additional costs associated with renting business space, then you can benefit from traditional office space, which may be better value.

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Getting a business kitted out

Many start-ups turn to office fit out companies to provide them with the fundamentals for getting a business up and running. Mobius at work are one of the leading office fit out companies in the UK and prospective customers are welcome to get in touch.

According to Business Leader the New Road Hotel has launched a co-working scheme which assists freelancers, start-ups and struggling businesses with space.

Typically, co-working spaces include kitchen facilities, a fast WiFi service, ergonomic furniture and security and maintenance. IT facilities such as printers are also part of the space, as are conference rooms and complimentary snacks. However, dealing with confidential information can be an issue as there is much less privacy.

When starting up a business, there is a multitude of important decisions to make. One of these is whether or not a traditional office space would suit the business. Co-working versus traditional office space is a dilemma that every business will encounter and it’s important to research the full facts to see what’s best.


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