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Party decoration ideas with balloons

Although balloons have always been associated with children’s birthday parties, the truth is that in recent years they have become very important in adult parties. Well, there are a number of decorating ideas with balloons that are worth taking into account. Here are some best party decoration ideas with balloons.

What are the best decoration ideas with balloons?

There are a number of very original and innovative ideas to use balloons as a decorative element in a party. They can be applied to all kinds of events, and the result is spectacular.

Garland of balloonsdecoration ideas with balloons

One of the decorative elements that cannot be missing in any party, whether child or adult, is the garland with balloons. It allows to decorate the wall and fill it with color and joy, giving a very special touch to the whole room.

Well, you can also use balloons to create a garland. Depending on the theme of the party, you can use balloons of a single color or create a multicolored garland. It is one the best decoration ideas with balloons.

Balloons and glitterdecoration ideas with balloons

Currently, the glitter decoration is more fashionable than ever. So, why not apply it to balloons to celebrate a party too? It is as simple as choosing balloons of different colors and, once swollen, apply glue on the bottom of them and add gold or silver glitter. The result is fantastic!

Centerpiecedecoration ideas with balloons

Why not use balloons as a centerpiece at a party? It’s a fantastic idea! Of course, the guests standing in front of each other must see each other’s faces while they are eating or having dinner. Therefore, the idea is to use small balloons inflated with helium. In addition, they are placed above the table, joined like a bouquet. To give a greater sense of volume to the decoration, larger balloons can be placed on the ceiling and very elegant.

Balloons with photosdecoration ideas with balloons

This is one of the most special types of decoration with balloons of all, especially for the person who turns years. The idea is very simple: to inflate several balloons and introduce inside some photos that are special for the protagonist of the party: your first trip with your partner, your favorite beach, etc.

Another good option is to enter inside each balloon the photo of each of the guests to the party, with a dedication in the back.

Once the event is over, you can click on the balloons and discover everything inside. You will like discovering the photos!

Instead of placing the photos inside, you can hang them out of the corner, thus achieving an equally fascinating result.

Balloons with confettidecoration ideas with balloons

In this case, the idea is very similar to the previous one, with the only difference that instead of filling balloons with photos, it is done with confetti. A funnel is needed to put the small colored papers inside the balloons. At the end of the party, the guests can click the balloons so that the confetti rains over the heads of the guests, thus giving the final touch to the event.

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