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Top trends for summer 2017

As we hit midsummer, we’re looking at some of the biggest trends in men’s fashion this year. Here are our recommendations for looking on trend in Summer 2017.


Not beige, not cream; stone. This pale neutral was a noticeable favourite with designers in their summer collections and it looks great in formal wear or the more crumpled linen look.

Getting outdoors

Many designers featured technical clothing. Jackets that could be worn while hiking or with added features that took them a step beyond looking cool to just being generally awesome. There was a multicultural feel to this, with different ethnic influences seen in the same garment. A post-Brexit statement of unity from the fashion industry?

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Variable width stripes

Stripes are a men’s staple, whether it’s pinstripe suits or Farah mens shirts. What’s different this year is that stripes tend to be broader and their widths are variable, creating a contrast between the sharp lines and the irregular pattern.

In the pink

Pastels have been on trend for men’s clothing for a while now but this year it breaks away from the base layers and dominates in all pink suits. If you’re not feeling bold enough for that then consider mens Farah shirts or similar in the pink or pastel shade.


For casual wear, there was a definite nod to the punk look from many designers. Jeans splashed with bleach, slogan tee-shirts, skinny jeans or leggings and tartan, all give what the

Washington Post calls a ‘subversive cool’ to modern looks.

Long woollens

This year sees knitwear skimming the knees for men. Long line cardigans and sweaters give a softer look to business and casual wear. Whether they’re bright and funky (retro 80s) colours or more subdued greys for the office, you can expect to stay warm in style in 2017.

Homage to Prince

There was a lot of purple on the catwalk this year. This regal colour may have been chosen for many reasons, but we like to think it was a tribute to The Purple One. Add it to your wardrobe with a tie, a shirt or one of those long line woollens.

2017 looks to be an interesting year for men’s fashion. Whether you’re looking to refresh your business or casual wardrobe, there are some great influences you can use to create your own unique style.

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