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Flooring trends for 2018

Wooden floors are hard-wearing, come in many colours and finishes, and always look terrific, so 2018 is bound to be a year when customers will continue to choose wooden floors to enhance the beauty of their homes.

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Grey flooring is increasing in popularity: it is cool and easy on the eye and contrasts well with lots of other colours, both light and dark.


If you have darker walls and furnishings, light wood flooring can really open up space and provide a more sophisticated look.


Saving the planet and using more environmentally friendly products extends to flooring. Bamboo is an increasingly popular flooring substitute for wood, as it is a sustainable resource that is strong and resilient, as well as naturally moisture resistant.

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Wide open living areas are more popular than ever and by using long wide plank flooring such as that available from https://www.woodfloorwarehouse.ie/engineered-flooring/long-wide-plank.html you can create the illusion of more space.


Another eco-friendly trend for 2018 is cork, but beware if you have lots of pets or children as durability may become an issue, otherwise, cork is an affordable flooring option that not only looks good but also feels great underfoot.


Extra dark hardwood that is often stained with ebony provides a rich, homely appearance when used with plenty of rugs and lighter wall colours.


Parquet floor tiles are seeing a bit of a revival due to their rich natural colour and unique geometrical designs.

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