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Avoid These Corporate Relocation Errors When Moving Your Business Abroad

Everyone knows of the dangers of the spiralling costs and stress involved with moving, whether simply moving house down the road or relocating an entire corporation from one country to another.

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There are a number of common errors it is a good idea to be aware of and avoid where possible. It may seem a smart strategy to do it yourself to save money, but doing so in a timely, safe manner can be more complicated than it appears. If possible, hire a Corporate Relocation Company and make an already stressful experience as smooth as possible.

Sort and Discard

It is tempting to move everything you own, especially with time pressures. However, try to view this as an opportunity to sort and get rid of items or paperwork you no longer need. This could help reduce the cost of the move and facilitate a fresh start in new premises.

Read Moving Company Reviews

It would be easy to look up a local firm and book a date, but the moving industry is rife with scams. As advised by The Telegraph, find a reputable firm, such as http://www.dtmoving.com/relocation-services, and ensure you check credentials and read reviews.

Pack Carefully

It may seem obvious, but think about what items you pack together. Avoid too many books or other heavy items in one box or it could break or even injure a staff member. Even better, consider whether your moving company offers a packing service and allow the professionals to organise your boxes.

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Whether you decide to complete the move yourself or hire a Corporate Relocation Company to do the job for you, it is vital to insure all your valuables. In moves of any scale accidents can happen or items are easily lost or broken. Moving companies will often offer their own insurance, so it is recommended to investigate what is available and ask as many questions as you need to ensure you opt for the best cover for your situation.

Online Presence

An additional consideration, which could easily be overlooked, is the required changes to your company‚Äôs website. Online searches can be adversely affected by having multiple addresses listed on a website, and success requires consistency. If these changes are made before you move, then you’re ready to go in your new location. Good luck with your move!

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