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US experts discuss President Trump’s mental health

A large group of mental health experts is sounding the alarm about the possibility that US President Donald Trump may have some personality disorder, breaking a decades-old ethical rule that bans public figures from being diagnosed without consent.A group of 35 psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers on Tuesday sent a letter to The New York Times on Tuesday expressing concern about Trump’s “emotional instability,” which he felt “incapable of serving Safely as president. ”

US experts discuss President Trump's mental health
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“His words and behavior suggest a deep inability empathize. Individuals with these types of features distort reality, so that it adapts to their psychological state, and attack the facts and those who transmit them, as journalists and scientists, “they say.

Last November, psychologist Nigel Barber ventured into the digital newspaper Huffington Post that Trump has traits that point to a narcissistic personality disorder, which would lead him to behave with the lack of empathy, grandeur, authoritarianism, and the need for Constant admiration.

US experts discuss President Trump's mental health
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The American Psychological Association (APA), which represents personnel related to psychology in the United States, has since 1973 maintained the “Goldwater Standard,” urging all psychologists in the country not to venture diagnoses of public personalities without treating them personally and Under your consent.

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The rule stems from the failed 1964 presidential campaign of Republican Senator Barry Goldwater, who was labeled “paranoid” and “megalomaniac” by psychologists in a magazine article.

Goldwater subsequently sued the media that issued these opinions and the scandal forced the APA to issue a standard that several psychologists have asked this year to leave behind to warn of the dangers of having Trump in the Oval Office.

US experts discuss President Trump's mental health
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Democratic lawmakers are adding to Trump’s theory of mental disorders to attack the new president and even shuffle the possibility of being disqualified by using an amendment to the Constitution that allows a trustee to be deposed for disability if member consent is obtained Of the Executive and the votes of two-thirds of the Legislature.

Congresswoman Jackie Speier on Thursday criticized Trump’s “unhinged” press conference, which for more than an hour launched attacks on journalists, insisted that the margin of its victory was historic despite not being and said that ” The leaks (to the media) are real, but the news is false, because much of the news is false. ”

Speier is not the first opposition lawmaker to suggest that Trump may not be eligible for the presidency over an alleged upheaval.

US experts discuss President Trump's mental health
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Last weekend, Democratic Senator Al Franken said some of his Republican colleagues are worried about Trump’s mental state, stemming from the belief that he “lies a lot.”


Oregon Democrat Congressman Earl Blumenauer called this week on Capitol Hill to “clarify” the legal possibilities of Amendment 25 of the Constitution, which contemplates the procedure to remove a president by disability, something that was not spoken from the Shooting that ended the life of John F. Kennedy in 1963.


Blumenauer said that the “erratic” behavior of Trump requires a revision because the constitutional amendment “has gaps in the case of mental or emotional disability.”


Last week Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu said Trump’s behavior was “incredibly” troubling and he is considering filing a bill to include a psychiatrist in the White House.


Weill Cornell University clinical psychiatry professor Richard A. Friedman wrote an opinion column Friday in “The New York Times” in which he called for caution in establishing relationships of disability with hasty psychological diagnoses.

According to Friedman, a diagnosis about Trump’s mental health requires a large number of face-to-face sessions.

In addition, said the professor, in some cases you can have a disease and be fully competent, except for more serious conditions such as psychosis or dementia.

However, Friedman recalled, different historians have concluded that some presidents have led the country, despite suffering disorders: Abraham Lincoln suffered severe depression, Theodore Roosevelt was possibly bipolar and Ulysses S. Grant was an alcoholic.

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