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The Benefits of Buying Designer

Why do people choose to buy designer goods? Some would argue that you get exactly the same from a cheaper non-branded item and you’re just paying for the name. Is this true? While designer brands might be out of the reach for many people’s wallets, there are good reasons for investing in a product you feel you can trust, from branding and design to quality.

  • Quality

While you are probably paying an increased amount for a ‘named’ brand, you are also more likely to be receiving a product of higher quality than a cheaper version. Designer items are normally made from superior and more durable materials which will last longer and represents a greater return for your money in the long term. The design will often look smarter for longer too and likely to last years, instead of months.

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  • Identity

Certain brands mean different things to people and there is an element of having greater trust in a recognised name. There is also an image attached to brands that the consumer might feel a connection to. People tend to buy into what they think represents themselves or what they are seeking to achieve.

  • Consistency

Consumers are drawn to designer goods as they represent consistency. If someone has had an item from a particular brand and it’s served them well, worked consistently and offers good style and design, then they are far more likely to return to this brand when in need of something similar or a replacement. If a product has performed well consistently they will keep going back to the same designers, no matter the additional cost.

  • Unique

If you’re looking for something that isn’t ‘off the shelf’ then a designer item will be rarer. For example, when restyling a room, you want it to be special, bespoke and unique to you. Ideally you want to choose items that you won’t see in many other homes. This becomes easier when you invest in high-quality designer purchases. For Designer Radiators, visit http://apolloradiators.co.uk/Category/3/header/3/radiator-ranges

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  • Celebrity

Whether you like it or not, we can’t help but be influenced by the lavish lifestyles of celebrities that are always featured in the media. Whether you actively watch celebrity news or just flick through a magazine in a doctor’s surgery, we are bombarded with images of how the rich and famous live. As a rule, people emulate what they see successful people doing and if celebrities are seen with designer items, no doubt there will be a surge in demand for such items.

  • Status

Owning designer goods places us in a group of people who can afford such luxury items. From a social point of view, it makes us feel special and successful with others who have designer goods recognising what we have. When you have high-quality designer items, you give the impression that you’re wealthier and of increasing social status. Who doesn’t want to be surrounded by goods that make you feel good?

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