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Foods with vitamin B3

Our body is much stronger and more resistant than we might think, but for this, it needs to be well nourished and with a regular and balanced supply of the vitamins and minerals necessary for its proper development. Thus, while there are foods that can provide us with benefits to improve our immune system or our skin, there are others, such as vitamin B3, which have the important mission of converting the food we consume into energy for our body. Vitamin B3 or niacin is vital in our growth since it sustains the energy bases that are responsible for developing our cells and organs.

The absence or deficiency of this vitamin can cause pellagra, a deadly disease. However, luckily, there are many foods that contain this necessary vitamin so that, whatever our tolerances or diets, we can provide our body with the necessary dose. In this article, we are going to give you a list of the main foods with vitamin B3 so that you always have where to choose your menu and know where vitamin B3 is found.

White meat

Vitamin B3, also known as niacin, has a large presence in foods of animal origin. Of all of them, white meats, such as poultry, are the ones with the highest percentage per portion. Whether cooked, roasted, or grilled, white meat, from chicken or turkey, is considered a source of vitamin B3, moreover, compared to red meat or sausages, it has a lower percentage of fat and is more healthy for our daily diet.


Another of the great allies when it comes to finding sources of vitamin B3 is fish. This type of food, apart from bringing other benefits such as a healthy source of protein, omega 3, and other nutrients that help the proper functioning of the heart, also has a great contribution to niacin. Among all of them, anchovies, cod, bonito, tuna, or salmon are the ones with the highest percentage. This type of fish tends to be more fatty than other types of fish, such as hake or sea bass. However, if its preparation is adopted and a balanced diet is provided, it can be very beneficial for our bodies.


The liver is one of the meats that contain the greatest amount of vitamin B3. That is why, if we consume this organ from animals such as chicken or duck, we can have a great contribution of niacin. The most common way to consume this product is through foie gras, spread pates, a piece of fried or ironed liver, or, otherwise, based on sausages that contain it. Foie gras and pates contain more fat than cooked liver, so the latter is more recommended.

Whole grains

Apart from the foods already mentioned, you can also choose to get the necessary portion of vitamin B3 through whole grains such as rice, wheat, rye, or oats, and their brans. These foods are necessary in a balanced diet, but they are also one of the best options to get this vitamin naturally if you have a vegetarian or vegan diet and do not want to contribute to the consumption of meat or foods of animal origin.

Dry tomatoesFoods with vitamin B3

Another plant food that contains the highest percentage of vitamin B3 is dried tomato. This exquisite ingredient, in addition to providing a unique and intense flavor to our pizzas, pasta, bread, or other dishes, also contains a large amount of niacin and its low-fat content is perfect for carrying out a balanced and healthy diet.

Other foods that contain vitamin B3

In addition to all of the above, there is a long list of foods that contain this important vitamin, so there is no excuse to take care of our diet and stay strong and healthy. Adequate intake of vitamin B3 can also promote better cardiovascular health, as it favors the creation of good cholesterol that helps clean the arteries, favoring the proper functioning of the heart and preventing circulation from becoming obstructed.

This is a table of foods rich in vitamin B3, so that you know some more examples and the indicative dose that they contain, indicated in milligrams per 100 g of each food:

  • Lamb: 10
  • Serrano ham: 12
  • Cooked ham: 8.8
  • Sausage: 10
  • Sweetbreads: 6.9
  • Veal meat in its derivatives: 7.2
  • Lean pork: 8.7
  • Norway lobster, prawns, and prawns: 7.4
  • Semi-cured cheese: 6.7
  • Cabrales type cheese: 6.3
  • Mashed potato: 7.8
  • Peanut: 21.3

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