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Business for Growing Cucumbers In Greenhouses

The demand for fresh vegetables is stable and does not depend on the season. When choice, consumers prefer domestic products, considering it better. Year-round cultivation of cucumber, of course, refers to the lucrative business types, but for profit need a balanced and serious approach to business.

You can grow cucumbers in the open ground, but then the profit will depend on weather conditions, attacks of pests, diseases and other adverse facts. Culture is unpretentious, but cucumber farm requires attention and care.


Business for Growing Cucumbers In Greenhouses
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You can break the “plantation” in the country or in the garden, but of the great harvest and business, in this case, can not speak.

For business, organizations need to rent or buy land in an area with running water, electricity, and gas. These creature comforts needed for growing cucumbers in greenhouses. A good harvest can be achieved by planting cucumbers in fertilized soil and ensuring the correct temperature and humidity. You spend money for the construction of greenhouses, but avoid the impact of natural surprises in the form of drought, heavy rains, hail, and so on. N. In addition, grow vegetables in a greenhouse, you can throughout the year, and much higher than winter rates summer.

Cucumber seeds are immersed for 3 cm groove in the ground, keeping the distance between plants in the 12-15 cm. The plants will curl, they need to create conditions in the form of twine stretched between the trellis.

Greenhouse vegetables are rarely damaging diseases and pests, but preventive measures will not prevent – put in the estimates of the acquisition of herbicides and fungicides.

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Business for Growing Cucumbers In Greenhouses
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The best way to get a reliable greenhouse – to buy ready-made polycarbonate structure, in which all take into account: Lighting, ease of installation, irrigation, etc. You will need to use the manual and connect heating and lighting, try to use energy-saving technologies.

Planting material

Quality seeds can be bought in breeding companies or from reliable suppliers. Foreign companies offer seeds in a beautiful package, but the cucumbers are not ascended due to climatic differences. Give preference to local varieties of planting materials known or trusted hybrids F1.

For farming, seeds have to buy lots. Consider this article the costs amounting to about $25-$30.


Business for Growing Cucumbers In Greenhouses
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Before planting the land fertilized with compost and humus, after – superphosphate and potassium sulfate. Cucumbers quickly respond to the fertilizer into the soil, the yield increases due to rapid growth and increase in the number of fruits on each plant. Treating large areas is necessary with the use of technology.


Business for Growing Cucumbers In Greenhouses
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Cucumbers do not tolerate drought and excess moisture for them fatal. Provide regular and moderate watering, to get a delicious harvest – with a lack of water cucumber will taste bitter. Set in a greenhouse automatic watering, which can be controlled with the remote. mikrokapelnitsa provided for each plant in modern irrigation systems. On a hectare of land is required 300 cubic meters of water.


Business for Growing Cucumbers In Greenhouses
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In the greenhouse is harvested all year round, so to compare it with the one that can get in the open field, it makes no sense. Winter vegetables you sell more expensive than the summer.

Cucumbers mature 50 days after flowering, collect them manually or with the use of technology. Vintage sorted cucumbers length 14-25 cm sold fresh, and little suitable for canning.


With a greenhouse, you can cope on their own, but need help with the expansion of farmland. For example, in the greenhouse area of 1 ha must work technologist and 3 workers.


Harvest can come true through retail outlets or enterprises producing canned food, catering, etc., is another acceptable way of the wholesale crop -.. Agrobirzhi. Price depends on the season of cucumbers, fullness, and quality of the goods market.


Starting a business should be in the processing of documents, in this case, you can choose from several types of business activities:

Subsidiary farm. We need to pay personal income tax, but many farms are exempt from taxes. This form is not suitable if you are planning to expand the business, to open sales outlets or to hire workers.

Individual entrepreneurship. The land area is not limited, you can use hired labor.

The peasant farm. Business with the formation of a legal entity, provide tax benefits.

You have the right to choose UAT – 6-percent tax, which is paid only on net income.

License this kind of business it is not necessary, but the sale of the harvest to wholesalers need to pass a health inspection. Certificates of quality you get from an analysis of the contents of chemicals in vegetables. Supervisors check the conditions of cultivation of vegetables.

For greenhouses with heating required fire inspection permit, but this rule does not apply to private farms.

Financial questions

Doing business in the form of the farm will require investments of $1080. Taxation – a single agricultural tax (6%), also need to provide insurance payments to the Pension Fund. When the cost of the harvest for the year $994. Revenue will be $1170, he break-even point will be reached already in the second year of operation.

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