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Ideas for an intimate wedding

Do you want to celebrate an intimate wedding? Many couples want to put aside the most massive celebrations to organize an evening with few people, the closest ones, and without excessive spending of money. They are quieter weddings where the love and relationship of the couple are celebrated in a more familiar and simple way. If you want to get married but do it this way, in this article we give you some ideas for an intimate wedding that will help you organize this very special day.

A more informal banquet

One of the biggest wedding expenses falls on the banquet. Organizing a menu in which there are different dishes, drinks and sweets make the wedding become a sophisticated and high-budget event. If you want to organize an intimate wedding, a good idea is to change the role that the banquet has in these events and opt for a more informal and simple one.

For example, a good idea is to hire a caterer and offer different sandwiches. Or canapes to your wedding guests accompanied by some wine and cava. In this article, we tell you how to choose a caterer for your wedding. Although another idea is that the wedding food is prepared by all the guests, something like when a picnic is organized, each guest is in charge of preparing something at home and bringing it to the wedding; This is a very economical, fun and participatory way.

You can also go to dinner at a restaurant that accepts groups and reserve a specific menu; Being an intimate wedding.The number of guests is much lower than usual and a restaurant reservation can be arranged ahead of time. This will make the menu price much lower and the experience just as satisfying.

The place of your dreams

When you have an intimate wedding, the whole issue of logistics and organization of the event is also easier. Think that moving 100 people to the mountain cabin where you want to get married is somewhat difficult, if not almost impossible. But moving 20 people is much easier and doable. So in this type of celebration, you can choose the place where you have always wanted to get married and the organization will be easier.

For example, if you like nature and romantic settings, you can choose a rural house with capacity for your wedding attendees so that you can sleep there after the event and enjoy a weekend together. If you feel like doing it by the sea, you can talk to a beach bar to organize the ceremony there and have an aperitif. Since there are fewer people, it is more likely that something like this can be held.

But if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, another good option is to organize it in your own home, especially if you have a garden. In this article, we give you some tips for organizing a wedding at home.

The gifts of the guests

One of the wedding traditions is for the guests to have their own gifts. Before, cigars and cigarettes used to be given as gifts, but nowadays these gifts have become a spark of originality and good taste. For a wedding with few guests, a good idea is to make these gifts yourself; For example, if you like to write, why don’t you treat them to a little story? If you like to cook, you can prepare cupcakes and distribute them among the guests. The idea is that, since there are few guests. You will be able to personalize the gifts and make them more authentic and emotional.

But if you do not have time to create them yourself, you can opt for gifts such as. For example, giving bouquets of natural flowers or making personalized gifts to each one of those who are going to attend your wedding.

Recycled decoration

Another idea for an intimate wedding is that you put aside the pompous decoration and focus on a simpler setting. And what better way to achieve this than with recycled materials? In addition to being the latest trend in the world of weddings. This way of decorating a wedding will considerably reduce the budget and give a vintage and ecological air to this special day.

One idea is that the centerpieces are decorated with wine bottles. And candles inside them or you can also choose to put dried flowers inside them and you will give a more romantic touch to your wedding; In this article we tell you how to decorate with glass bottles. You can also take advantage of the fruit boxes and turn them into beautiful planters that are next to the banquet table.

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