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The ‘ugly jumpers’, the new fashion of Christmas

The most important dates of the year are approaching for many, Christmas, these dates. In which what we do the most is to be with the family, enjoy the typical meals of Christmas and celebrate the birth of Jesus. The end of the year and the arrival of the Three Kings of the East.ugly jumpers, Ugly Sweater, T-shirt.

For the little ones, this time is very important, and when Christmas arrives they are very excited. But for the elderly, it is also a time of relaxation, enjoyment, and excitement. The children spread their illusion to the adults in all the houses, and that becomes more and more visible through the wardrobe of many adults.

That is, the costumes, it is increasingly common to see many people on the street dressed as Christmas, not disguised. The latest fashion is Christmas sweaters and there are all kinds, for all tastes. There are more discreet, more scandalous, with lights, with glitter or with simple embroidery of reindeer or Christmas trees.

Best Christmas SweaterThe 'ugly jumpers', the new fashion of Christmas

These sweaters are worn by men, women, and children without any distinction. Fashion is like everything before they were called ‘ugly Christmas sweater‘, and people used to wear them for Christmas parties or for family dinners, but now it is increasingly normal to take them on the street, put them on a daily basis while these holidays last.

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There are also stores that sell pajamas, or clothes that are designed to be at home, in Christmas style. Such as ‘Women secret’ with pajamas and socks or ‘Oysho’, which presents some knitted sweaters with an air of Christmas that could be worn perfectly on the street.

ugly jumpersThe 'ugly jumpers', the new fashion of Christmas

We can also find these sweaters in many stores such as C & A, Primark, Benetton, or Bibo for the smallest of the house, and there are also in Zara, although they are not those who carry a reindeer or Santa Claus, but the most typical of all the life, that they take embroiderings that remember to the Christmas, although they could be used at any other time of the year.

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