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Things to consider when adding a sculpture to your garden

If you’ve been considering adding a special feature in your garden but can’t decide on the best option, here are some reasons why you should consider a garden sculpture and the best way to pick the right one for you and your garden:

  • Choosing a Sculpture

Go with something that you truly love. A sculpture is an object that will enhance your garden but is not a necessity, so for that reason it should be something you genuinely desire. Don’t be swayed by what’s in fashion. Whether you want a traditional piece or an edgy contemporary statue, judge with your heart.

  • Blending in the Style

Perhaps you want a sculpture that flows with the existing style and design of your home or garden. If you have an oriental style garden, you’ll probably want something that continues this Eastern flavour. A more modern, contemporary home might look better with an abstract piece of art displayed in the garden.

  • Location

Depending on the size of your sculpture, you’ll want to position it in different areas of your garden. A large piece will dominate and act as a focal point, drawing the eye to a specific area of the garden. Abstract sculptures are ideal for being viewed and appreciated from all angles. Consider how your piece will be viewed from the front, back, side and from a distance as this will affect where you place your sculpture. Smaller pieces invite you to feel closer to the garden and can work well placed in a mass of colourful flowers.

  • Material

There are many possibilities, so it’s easy to choose something that will perfectly suit your garden. You can choose from limestone, bronze, concrete, metal or glass. Think about how the material will weather over time. For Corten Metal Garden Sculptures, visit http://www.afsculpture.uk/portfolio_page/corten-metal-sculptures/

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  • Size Matters

Do you want your garden to feel larger or smaller? The size of a sculpture will make a difference to how a garden feels in terms of size. If your garden is small, a large piece will be too overbearing. A sculpture that is too small will be lost in a very large open space.

  • Extra Elements

The benefits of bringing a sculpture into your garden include introducing extra elements as well, such as water. A piece that includes water and perhaps a bird feeder can bring a whole new dimension to your outdoor space, bringing peace and tranquillity, attracting wildlife and bringing more life and action into your garden.

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  • Playing with Plants

Bringing a sculpture into the garden also allows you the chance to add in plants to enhance and complement the piece, plants that you might not have considered otherwise. Whether you want to complement or contrast, landscaping will suddenly become much more fun. Be sure to choose plants that are smaller than the sculpture so as not to ruin the backdrop and consider the seasonal aspects of when they flower.

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