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How to wear a white shirt: 20 looks to inspire you

The white shirt is not only a wardrobe staple, it is also synonymous with classicism and sophistication. No matter what look you include her in because she will always win thanks to her. These are the ideas that you can copy to fashion influencers to get the most out of them.


A white shirt always says a lot about who wears it. The perfectly ironed collars, the top buttons open or closed to the top, wearing it inside or outside the pants, rolled up … there are many options when it comes to giving a touch of style to your looks with a white shirt and all of them are summarized in this gallery.

And, looking at the influencers, we have learned a lot of tricks to get more out of it and bring this classic garment to 2021. This is how this garment is now worn that cannot be missing in an ideal wardrobe.

White shirt + paper bag pants

The paper bag pants are among the most worn this season and we cannot like more how they are with a simple white shirt that gives them all the prominence. A look without complications but that favors any age.

White shirt + cropped pants

We have fallen in love with this look and it has a lot of the most inspiring elements. She wears her white shirt with cropped pants and masculine shoes and adds a long multi-colored coat and beret. We will copy it for sure.

White shirt + flare skirt

White shirts are the perfect companion for skirts as voluminous and striking as this one. With them we manage to create a perfect balance between the classic and the modern, the minimalist and the exaggerated … A great success!

White shirt + midi skirt

It is a classic look but very 2021 thanks to the oversized silhouette of the shirt and the high boots with a square toe. Put the sweater on your shoulders and it will be more current if possible.

White shirt + leather mini

If a short leather skirt seems like a garment with air too sugary, you can always add a white shirt to soften it and give it that classic counterpoint that can come in handy on certain occasions.

White shirt + blazer

White shirts are marvelously worn with blazers or blazers. Black women are her lifelong friends but we like to see how this combo can be brought to 2021 by choosing models with oversized prints and silhouettes and adding knitted pants.

White shirt + biker jacket

Madame de Rosa’s look is pure inspiration. She wears the white shirt, very oversize, open over a multicolored knitted top, but on top of that she adds a biker-type jacket and she wears it all with wide jeans and white ankle boots. Impeccable.

White shirt + mini denimwhite shirt

Now that the time of miniskirts arrives, nothing better than adding a white shirt to the looks that we create with them to give them a sophisticated touch.

White shirt + leggings

White shirts look great with very tight pants or even leggings when they are a bit oversized. They can also be worn with sweaters on top in these cases and add a long coat.

White shirt + tracksuit

It is one of the most unexpected combinations that we have found but in the middle of 2021, it seems that the mix works better than ever. Sweatpants, a white shirt, a knit vest, and a maxi coat are all we need for this crazy year.

White shirt + knit dress

Knitted dresses, whether in warmer versions or in more springy ones, are the ideal companions for a white shirt. They reveal their sleeves, sometimes also their neck, giving rise to the chicest outfits.

White shirt + basic t-shirt

White shirts can also be worn open this spring as if they were overshirts. On a basic top, they are very elegant.

White shirt + knitted top

Knitted tops, whether cropped or not, have become one of the most sought-after garments of spring and are great for updating a basic look of a white shirt and jeans.

White shirt + kimono

The white shirt is usually the best friend of those garments that we are never quite clear about how to combine as a printed kimono or a shawl worn as a kimono as in this case.

White shirt + knitted vest

The knitted vests are going to be one of the garments of the season – in fact, they already are – and one of the most appropriate ways to wear them is over a white shirt. If your vest is so colorful and springy, there is no doubt that it will look better with a white short-sleeved shirt.

White shirt + bustier top

This look couldn’t be more inspiring. The centerpiece is undoubtedly the leather bustier top, but without the white shirt, it wouldn’t make any sense. They form a perfect combo of the most current that is suitable for any size and age.

White shirt + gingham pants

Technically we are looking at a blouse because it has no buttons, but that’s the way the white shirts are succeeding the most this year, with big bobo necks and puffed sleeves. However, what we like the most is the idea of ​​combining this garment with gingham trousers that, we already warned, are going to be a plague in spring.

White shirt + salons

This Giovanna Battaglia look is the absolute best. She wears an oversized shirt as a dress and only adds some court shoes and a handbag to the look.

White shirt dress + high boots

Another option for this look is to change the pumps for high boots (with or without animal print) and add a knitted vest over the set. Spectacular.

White shirt + sweater on the shoulders

This new version of the white shirt has a distinct vintage feel and that is why it goes so well with flared trousers and a jumper over the shoulders.

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