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Knowing how to combine clothes is a matter of style. The brown color is one of the most difficult to match. When combining brown pants, focus on the top garment. Not all colors work well with this shade. Some basic tones work very well with brown, however, others are better in printed formats. From our fashion blog, we help you combine brown pants. Next, we will talk about the five colors that best combine with this color.

5 ideas to combine brown pants

1. With garments in gray

If you don’t like too flashy colors, gray is a neutral and inconspicuous color that looks great with brown. Combine brown pants with a gray sweater or sweatshirt. A very casual look with a lot of styles. If you want to give this outfit a more elegant touch, add a small brown bag and black high-heeled sandals. A look often! If you prefer a simpler style for day-to-day, combine the brown pants and the sweatshirt with one-color sports shoes. In this way, you will get a comfortable, accurate, and trendy image.

2. With purple tones

Due to the contrast it generates, one of the colors that best suit brown is purple. In all its versions, the palette of this color looks great with brown. Mauve, electric lilac, purple … Choose the tone you want because you will have a great look whatever your choice. In the colder periods, we love the combination of brown pants with a knitted sweater in a somewhat vibrant dark purple tone. On the other hand, for halftime seasons, mauve blouses are ideal for this type of pants. They create very subtle and elegant looks that make brown pants have a more neat point.

3. Brown with black? Yes!

Mixing two dark colors is a dubious idea since by not creating contrast it is often thought that it does not look good. However, the fusion of black and brown colors has become an unstoppable trend. We must forget that these two shades do not match, since the looks that have triumphed the most in recent months come from the hand of these two colors. To combine them, the choice of fabrics is important. Wear brown corduroy pants with a black sweatshirt and top it off with snake print ankle boots for a comfy and sporty look. If you do not dare with this proposal, combine brown corduroy pants with a black T-shirt and a corduroy jacket in the same brown tone. A look inspired by the 70s with a bourgeois air that has mesmerized us.

4. With the color orange

Brown pants go great with an orange shirt. Add jewels in golden tones and you have everything to go perfect. A simple and not very risky combination. If you want to give this outfit a striking touch, go for a white mule-type heel. You will get a striking effect that will change the look completely and with which you will not go unnoticed.

5. Brown with green

Our favorite combination for brown pants is with a green-toned top. Especially if we are talking about dark browns: there is no dark shade that can resist green. Combine a mint green sweater with brown pantsĀ  and get a very top look. For lighter brown pants, choose strong, vibrant greens to create the same contrast as the previous proposal.

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