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Best naked bikes for autumn- We review the top ten of average weight

Goodbye summer. Hello, autumn. The heatwave is history, the post-vacation syndrome has settled between us, although fortunately milder temperatures reign in our orography. Before the rainy season arrives, a fantastic period opens to enjoy the motorcycle even in good temperatures. We review the top and best naked bikes for autumn.

Although the purists get angry and defend the sports motorcycles at all costs. The naked – without fairing – is perfect for the day to day. And to link curves without too much effort and draw a smile of the fat ones under the helmet on the weekend.

Luckily our country is a paradise for two wheels, all brands present in our market treasure in its catalog many models of these ‘naked’ motorcycles. And as the middle point is the virtue, we leave aside the most powerful and heavy, also those of smaller displacement and sometimes lacking a minimum of power, and we focus on the average weight of the main brands that, if it were little, they can be limited to be able to drive them with the A2 card. Whatever yours or what you decide to buy, you will enjoy the beauty this fall. Here they go, in alphabetical order …

The best naked bikes for autumn

APRILIA SHIVER 900Best naked bikes

It is not one of the best sellers, but perhaps it is one of the most fun and spectacular. The Italian firm has opted for the balance to locate this new mount that derives from the 750 and continues to bet on a colorful multitubular chassis, a complete TFT screen in the control panel and the exhaust located under the saddle. Its 95 horses guarantee fun without any doubt, besides power when needed. The Shiver 900 relies on the electronic accelerator of its predecessor, through which it controls traction control. Its PVP is at 9700 dollars, which also places it in a coveted midpoint.

BMW F800RBest naked bikes

She is already a veteran in the market, but that does not make her lose an iota of her appeal. BMW quality is not discussed in the world of two wheels, although prices tend to be consistent with this deserved reputation. It is one of the best naked bikes for autumn.

The 10550 dollars that these German naked costs are justified with the technology that looks in each of its components, although it is true that we can invest a few thousand dollars more in equipping it with endless extras offered by the brand in its catalog.

Its two-cylinder engine does not offer the best acceleration of those present, but its ease of driving and its consumption contents accompany the good stepping of this powerful machine. To his credit, electronic accelerator, driving modes, complete dashboard … 90 horsepower in a 203 kilos weight content.

DUCATI MONSTER 797Best naked bikes

Ducati is one of the historical references as far as naked motorcycles are concerned. In its catalog, we find a few, each with its style, personality … and price! We chose this time the 797 because, in price, it moves more or less on average than we have chosen in other brands for this report. And it is that the next step, the 821, better in everything, even in finishes and quality of components, is already at 13100 dollars, compared to the more modest 10150 dollars of this entrance step to the naked reds. Used to the boast of virtues and design in all Ducati, this Monster 797 seems quite modest, although it keeps the good work and the hook of the most veteran.

Its 803 cc twin cylinder is air-cooled and yields 75 hp. Of course, forget about the extra horses, traction control, driving modes and monobloc radial calipers of their faces and powerful older sisters.

HONDA CB650RBest naked bikes

In this list, you can not miss a brand like Honda, a reference in practically each and every one of the segments that we choose. Your new CB650R has just been renovated and still has the quality and reliability per flag. In addition, its price, 8500 dollars, is quite attractive, so it will surely be one of the benchmarks of the segment as of now. Sporty and even almost aggressive design for a new motorcycle philosophy that wants to establish the brand of the golden wing: ‘Neo Sports Cafe’. It is one of the best naked bikes for autumn.

With different displacements available, this six and a half bet everything on a four-cylinder engine, as opposed to most two-cylinder engines in this segment. If you are looking for a naked with the anti-rebound clutch, here you have it, in addition to betting on an inverted fork of the prestigious Showa brand. It does not lack a complete LCD information panel or full LED lighting. It is almost incredible that this displacement reaches 94 HP of power … and only 202 kilos of weight.

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KAWASAKI Z900Best naked bikes

Another motorcycle specialist brand without fairing is the Japanese Kawasaki. Not surprisingly, the Z900 is the best selling motorcycle in our country if we put the scooters aside. It would seem more logical to put this younger sister, the two-cylinder Z650 on this list, but this Z900 is the reference in the segment for something. And its 94 horses and its strong character and sporty taste are available for only 10400 dollars.

Its four-cylinder engine and its aggressive geometry not only continue the success of the Kawasaki Z range, but it accentuates it dominating the market with reasons to spare. Although he escapes a little in weight, 210 kilos on a scale, his sportsmanship is beyond doubt and is the pride of the Akashi factory.


Another brand that has enough pedigree in terms of the motorcycle without fairing designed both to move in the city and to enjoy between curves. Existed until last year in its catalog the 690 Duke, which is a very single-cylinder single cylinder but that in our opinion could be somewhat short with respect to the rest of the members of this sample. It is one of the best naked bikes for autumn.

In 2018, with the appearance of the 790 Duke, the Austrian firm took a place with all merit in this hard world of naked socks. It has a two-cylinder engine and a rather aggressive character, in keeping with its aesthetics, which is one of those you love and hate, there is no middle ground in the face of so much radicalism. With its 94 HP of power and its sporty feel, it justifies the 10600 dollars of its PVP.

MV AGUSTA BRUTALE 800Best naked bikes

Perhaps the most exclusive model of this naked motorcycle decalogue. L to Varese firm does not follow any rules when designing and building their bikes, so do not expect to follow the same path on price, not a lot of laps to the thing. For you to know, the Brutale 800 RR has several versions, and some, the RR LH44 costs more than 26800 dollars. It is one of the best naked bikes for autumn.

The most normal version and access to range lose the berries and leaves for 15500 dollars. It also loses part of its 110 hp until leaving them at 95, maximum. So that a motorcycle can be limited and be valid with the A2. Its three-cylinder engine has such a special sound that not only will they look at you again for the design of your beautiful machine.

SUZUKI SV650Best naked bikes

Another brand with huge experience in naked motorcycles is Suzuki. The Japanese firm has dominated this segment for decades. His GS500E has been unbeatable throughout Europe and part of the rest of the world, with a basic efficiency that to some extent seemed inexplicable. The undersigned had a GS500E in its early days and was his best school to move to larger bikes. Suzuki renews its bikes very late in the afternoon. And this SV650 has been in the market for three years with imperceptible variations, but bombproof reliability.

It is not up to date in technology or electronics, but its efficiency. And ease of operation is two pillars on which its success is based. The third is its price because for 7500 dollars you take home a very light motorcycle, 645 cc and 195 kilos of weight. With a two-cylinder V engine and 76 horsepower that is worth a broken and for ripping. Maybe it is a little below in muscle, but its consumption is available to very few. If you want a little more, you have the SV650 X, which for an extra dollars makes it a coffee racer. With a dome, semi-handlebars, and special upholstery.


Another brand that carries in its DNA the imprint ‘naked’ is the British Triumph. Famous for being different from almost everything sold in the world thanks to its three-cylinder mechanics. The Street Triple is one of those motorcycles that needs no introduction. This little piece of motorcycle history costs 10650 dollars and if this is your motorcycle, it is because you are a different Upper than other mortals. The work on this motorcycle is brutal because the weight it throws will not be seen in any of its rivals: only 166 kilos for a motorcycle that can reach 113 hp in its variant for large motorcycle license. Its renovation in 2017 put it at the forefront of technology and has R and RS variants, always with a truly remarkable cycle part. It is one of the best naked bikes for autumn.

YAMAHA MT-07Best naked bikes

Last but not least, we find the Yamaha MT-07, one of the motorcycles that I like the most, personally. And the only one that can compete in price with the Suzuki, since its PVP price is 7600 dollars. It has been in the market for five years and its value for money is absolutely incredible. It has a two-cylinder engine and quite reasonable performance. Its aesthetics is one of its strengths, along with its 182 kilos of weight and its 75 HP of power. In his last review, a retouching of the suspensions has been luxurious.

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