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Trends In Farming Today

Every year, changes come to the farming industry that affects the entire nation. Agriculture makes billions of dollars through the crops and livestock raised and the companies that manufacture the equipment that farmers purchase to do their jobs, such as the universal quick attach adapter. Here are a few differences in farming today.

Fewer Farms

There are less farms than there were a hundred years ago. Consequently, the number of people who work in agriculture also have dropped. While a century ago, nearly everyone worked on the farm. Today only 2% of the working people in the nation is employed in rural areas.

Setting Farms Back

The biggest setback farmers face when trying to get their crop from seed to market is the weather. Nearly every loss of crops suffered by agriculture has to do with bad weather, such as flood, tornadoes, and early frost, destroying them.

Higher Degree Of Education

There are many positions in farming that require a college degree. Many of these spots stay open for a long time since students are choosing other fields of study than agriculture. Some of these jobs pay very well yet agricultural employers have trouble filling them.

Shipping Out

Farming in this nation provides food to others in this world besides those who live here. Soybeans are a major export to countries such as China. Countries like these use the soybean for products such as oil and to feed their own animals.

Gaining Trust

Agriculture today has difficulty establishing trust with consumers. End users of produce and grains are concerned about the use of pesticides on their food and whether something is organically grown. Complying with such demands can put extra stress on farmers. However, there are new trends coming that might alleviate the worries of food buyers and make the farmer’s life in the field easier.

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